Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Travels

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE to travel???  Other than the dread of take off and landing, I thrive on the thrill of going some place old or new!  This summer is filled with BOTH : )  Right now I'm on summer holiday with a best friend from childhood.  She and I have started this awesome tradition where she comes to visit me over the start of the New Year and I go to see her for a week in the summer!  Let's just say it's a pretty sweet tradition and one to be kept for years to come ~ yes, even when she & I have families of our own!!!  But for now, we have no families or children of our own to look after so that leaves us free - to - do WHATEVER!!!! :  )  Like float in the pool all day, read magazines pool-side, play wiffle ball, shoot off guns, ride ATVs, run for 4 miles down country roads as the sun sets, play games in the evening while drinking Irish Coffees, visit the ice skating arena to watch my friend skate, blog, drink coffee, swim some more, attend awesome plays and sip mojitos!!!!  And that's just the beginning!

Some place new would include going to Hawaii 2 days after getting home from Minnesota!  I cannot WAIT!!!  I'm going with the best boyfriend EVER and his wonderful family for a full week......eeekkkkk, it's going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  It will be filled with many new and exciting adventures of things I've never done before.  I love how Charles gets me to try new things.  This is his favorite place in the whole wide world, so I'm happy to experience something that he enjoys!

More posts to come!  I'll keep you posted on bubbly summer days.

Peace out!

Where are your favorite places to travel to?  Do you enjoy traveling solo or with friends?


  1. I love traveling...
    on my own and with friends, but I think on my own to meet friends! I don't mind flying at all, but I love love love just getting on the open road in the Midwest and DRIVING...there's something about the windows down, the music up, coffee in hand and the sun shining that is sooo healthy.

    Love the posts!!!

  2. There is nothing better than driving with the windows down, awesome music playing and definitely coffee in hand!!!! And yes, there is something great about roadtrips going solo as well as with friends!!!


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