Tuesday, July 31, 2012

cool. facts.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  I'm super pumped to have most of the week left.  I have so many awesome things to share with you that my blogging notebook is looking a little backed up. Woops!!  For your curiosity my blogging notebooks look like this:

Of course they are from rifle paper co. : )  
I'm totally using their invitations for my wedding one day!
This is how I keep track of all the flowing thoughts I wouldn't want to forget to share with you. 

This picture was from an awesome 4 mile country run with a best friend in MN & it serves as a reminder to buy new running shoes!  (just dumped my old ones sad and muddy from the hike in Hawaii)

Yes this picture is of a picture of ME! : )  I was in a photo shoot with my University and was recently texted this picture by a friend.  Guess I'm still up on the wall of fame ~ pretty cool I think : ) I'm super duper proud to represent my University. 

Get ready for some awesome Fall tunes.... did you know that the Avett Brothers & Mumford and Sons are both coming out with new albums this fall???   I am beyond psyched to be the first to buy these albums.

So I thought it would be a good idea to go on a spending freeze.  But of course that was a good idea after discovering the great sale Madewell was having : )  Plus there is just something about waiting for a parcel to come in the mail.  I kinda like the fact that online shopping isn't instant gratification.  It's fun and good for the patience to have to wait as the excitement swells up.   While I happened to buy two polka dot tops, I'm noticing that they are really in this fall.  Double. Score!

Well, my iced honey latte has disappeared ~ guess it's time to head to work.  Have an awesome Tuesday!

What running shoes would you highly recommend?  Do you have a favorite fall tune you enjoy jamming to?


  1. That is so funny we both wanted to go on a spending freeze until we discovered Madewell! Oh well our closets will thank us:)I need new running shoes too mine are getting broken down. Let me know if you find any good ones!

    1. Ha, ha, I know! Did you find anything cute at Madewell? Oh wait, I should be asking how many cute things did you get? On the running shoe hunt now : )


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