Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Letters

Dear nice people on my flight,
thank you for your genuine kindness.  To the flight attendent, "thank you" for the glass of wine.  To the man next to me, "thank you" for the food and pleasant conversation.  It's people like you that brighten my day! 

Try to remember to make someone's day by a kind gesture or word.
They go a long way!
 Dear Coconut Bubble Tea, 
I'm a really big fan of you!!! Thanks for letting me know you exist.  I'll never order you any smaller than a large =)
Dear Blog inc. 
Thanks for being an easy and enjoyable read.  I can't wait to implement some things I learned from you.
Dear Mom in an awesome leopard scarf,
Thanks for going on random girl dates with me to our local Irish pub!  And thanks for enjoying beer cheese with pretzels and Irish car bombs with me. =)  I know they sound dangerous, but they taste just like liquid chocolate cake going down!
Dear Ikea kitchen,
Do you wanna move into a future home of mine???  I'll let you stay forever, I promise!
Dear Presents, 
Let's get wrapping!
I hope you have a sweet sweet day full of hot chocolate and something peppermint! =)


  1. Your Mom is so cute! Irish car bombs YUM, and that beer cheese dip oh my gosh I can't wait!!!! I would so take that kitchen too!

  2. 1. I love it when you sit by friendly people on the plane. It REALLY makes it better!
    2. I love your bright green bangle bracelet!
    3. I am going to have to read that book next, for sure!


  3. Kindness DOES go a long way :) Thanks for the reminder!

    Now I'm very curious about this coconut bubble tea....hmmm...going to have to try that.

    It's the second time I hear of this book...that too has got me curious.

  4. What an awesome Mom and Coconut Bubble Tea....sounds Yummy!!


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