Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Making Things Happen

Let's be honest, it can be much easier to talk about plans and dream dreams, 
but I prefer when things actually happen!

Yes, this can be difficult sometimes and overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin.
This applies to situations ranging from a simple craft, to our jobs and vocation.  
The best answer I've found so far.....take baby steps and start somewhere!
Focus on one or two things and actually DO THEM!!!! =)  

Personally, I think it's dangerously easy to find oneself all-over-the-place, purchasing random ingredients that look tasty and cute craft items (you think you can use somehow, right?), only to end up with a pile of things lacking real purpose.
To reiterate because I need to remind myself all the time pick a project and stay focused until it's finished. =)

That being said, here is some holiday inspiration and a few of the craft projects I am in the process of tackling this Christmas Season:
Picture Via
My crafting bin last year.
My decorated match boxes ~ perfect to go with a nice smelling candle for the holidays!
I heart red =)
The Martha Stewart peppermint marshmallows I made and obsessed over last Christmas.  I seriously made over 10 batches of these and they were a huge hit with holiday company!!!
Adorable little sparkly acorns Via Stacy Winters

When it comes to recipes and crafts, I enjoy having two recipe cards in hand, going to the grocery store and buying all the ingredients and being stuck focusing on producing something new and seeing it through to completion!

In case you missed it,
check out the two new recipes I tried here over Thanksgiving weekend at the cabin. 

Happy holiday crafting and cooking! =)


  1. Oh my gosh Maggie...such cute projects! I love idea of decorating match boxes to go with candles as gifts! And peppermint marshmallows?! I'm giving these a try! Now following along. :)

  2. I totally made those martha stewart peppermint marshmallows last year too! Delish!!! So fun! loved this post :) xo

  3. OMG those box matches what an adorable idea! Following you now!

  4. Love Christmas crafts!! I really need to get started on my decorating and preparing. And you're right, it can get so over-whelming when you have so many different projects running through you head! It's want to do it ALL but then never get around to finishing the things you started.

  5. I'm officially hungry, and feeling the need to be extra crafty now :) I can't wait to see what other projects you end up doing this month!



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