Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Letters

Dear Striped sweaters, 
I'm all about you, your color and your warmth lately!  I think we will be best friends this winter.

Dear Winter,
Speaking of you, can you snow any day now because I've been waiting all year for your arrival.  Pretty please can we have a white Christmas???  A white Christmas is just magical and cozy!

Dear Chicago and Friends,
I'm heading into the city this morning to spend the day with you.  Hmm let's see, 9 girls and being in the city for an entire day, I think yes!!  Looking forward to trying The Bongo Room for what I hear is an amazing breakfast and Molly's Cupcakes for an afternoon indulgence. =) 

Dear Charles,
Thank you for being amazing and wanting the 21st of December to be a special day full of good memories.  I'm really looking forward to Martina McBride's Christmas concert with you and your parents!!!!!!!  It's going to be an amazing double date!

Dear Charles,
You get two notes from me today =) because I'm looking forward to our surprise Christmas date tomorrow night.  You always have a surprise up your sleeve.  The part I do know about is going to be so much fun and the part I don't know about, well, I'm just a little bit curious.  But I promised I wouldn't guess, so I won't.

Dear Kitchen apron,
Prepare to get dirty!!  Time to crack out some holiday recipes.  I promise to share if I come across some new ones I love.
What jolly activities do you have planned for this weekend?
Have an amazing advent weekend!


  1. Enjoy your day in the city with all the girls =)

  2. Sounds like Fun! and that is a cute sweater.

  3. I'm loving sweaters, too! Especially ones that are long enough that you can wear with leggings underneath. Perfection. :)

  4. OooooOOooo holiday recipes!! Yum :)

  5. Love these little letters. I agree that there needs to be snow on the ground ASAP. Christmas is so sad without it. Hope you had fun in Chicago, and that the Christmas baking turns out well!

  6. Yep, I'm definitely all about the striped shirts right now! Love it! Great post, girl!
    xo TJ


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