Friday, April 26, 2013

Engagement Joy!!!

As many of you already know this wonderful news, either through the grapevine, a phone call, an e-mail or even for some of you in person  =)
YES, YES, YES, it's true!!!
 I'm very happy to announce that...... I am now engaged to Charles, the love of my life!!!
The big day couldn't have been more perfectly planned out by my wonderful man and here he is proposing on one knee in front of the Drake in Downtown Chicago.
What a guy to have the romantic moment captured on film.  Props to you, sweetheart.  If only we could have captured the laughter, the giggles, the jumping up and down and jumping some more.  There was so much joy in both 
our hearts at this very moment. 
Not to get ahead of myself here, because this isn't where the day began. 
Charles had planned an amazing day in the city, all of which I'm sure his mind was entirely focused on, poor guy =)  Nervous much?!?!  I think yes!  
Flash back a few hours on April 13th and the two of us were enjoying a lovely early afternoon in the Adler Planetarium.   The two of us talked many times of wanting to take a trip to the Planetarium.  Charles had been once as a little boy and I had never been.  We both knew it would be fun making this trip together someday and what do you know, he knew this day was the perfect day for such an occasion.
You can't really tell in this picture, but there was a gorgeous blue lake Michigan right behind us as we sat and ate lunch.
Then we decided to meander outside for awhile and enjoy the fresh air.
Next we walked over to the Field Museum to visit the Creatures of Light exhibit.
I love that we both really enjoy a good trip to a museum!!!
A taxi ride later and many other wonderful happenings and conversations which took place between the museums and this next surprise!!!!
Charles had planned a long and romantic carriage ride throughout the city of Chicago.
When I found out about this surprise I must have started giggling like I used to when I was a little girl.
I had always wanted to take this ride through the city, but never really had reason to.
So our driver Ben led his horse Pickles throughout the bustling streets of Chicago.
We talked and we laughed and stayed oh so serious as we always do...
or rather do not!!!
A short ways into our carriage ride, we took a little "scenic break" for pictures.
This is when the love of my life proposed and as you probably guessed, I said "yes"!!!!
I'm so blessed to be marrying such a romantic man, I really and truly love this about Charles.  He is always thinking of the details, including the roses he had waiting with the driver of our carriage.
I love this man and cannot wait to marry Charles this October and take his last name.
He is the shoulder that my head rests upon.
He is the one who always asks me, "what else can I do to help?"
He is the one who always tells me, "you shouldn't do that alone, I'm here to help."
He is the one who tells me, "I will always do the dishes and I will always do the laundry."
And why he loves doing these things I may never fully know or understand, but that's fine with me, I'm simply grateful that he is this incredibly helpful all the time about everything.
He is the one who tells me, "great job honey!" or "it's already taken care of, anything else I can do?"
He is the one to say, "I've got that honey, you shouldn't have to worry about that, that's my job."
To hear from a man, "let me take that sweetheart, I've got that for you" simply, yet strongly and somehow in the most powerful and moving of ways say "I LOVE YOU."
And  I LOVE HIM!!!
What a Prince Charming my fiance really is =)
The entire day was a bundle of joy and happiness, but it wasn't over yet!!!
As our kind driver offered to take more engagement photos in front of the water tower, a few more surprises showed up.
And by a few, I mean this entire table of friends =)
Wow, I was blown away by how well Charles had coordinated the evening with all these friends to have them by our sides to celebrate the joyous occasion together.
It really did make an incredibly special day that much more special.  To be able to share our love and joy with friends surrounding us!!!
It was beyond touching to feel the love and support from both my friends and Charles's friends.
As our friends came up to greet us one, two at a time, this Chica (who flew in from out of town) came out of nowhere and completely surprised me!!!  Sorry Chicago, all of downtown heard that scream and happy tears happened.  =)
Way to go, coordination team!  This was the cake topper of the whole day.
I was completely blown away by everyone's love!
I'm so grateful for friends, they make life extra sweet.
I was thrilled that we could celebrate and rejoice together with dear friends and share the story of the whole day.
You bet we feasted, we toasted, we laughed and we shared stories as we were surrounded by so many wonderful friends.
Oh how grateful I am and I know that we are very very blessed!!!
To have a fiance who cares so much.
Here we come, wedding of October 2013!!!!!!!!!!!
Let the wedding plans continue on.
We are having so much fun planning!
I'll be posting about that part really soon =)

Maggie & Charles


  1. yay!! Congrats! I'm so glad you shared your engagement day. You two are so adorable and I love all the sweet things you said about Charles, you are one lucky girl! Congrats again... to you both.

  2. LOVE this =) So incredibly happy and excited for both of you!!!! He seems like such a good, good man...someone who will cherish and love you so very dearly. Can't wait to finally meet him!!!! This wedding is going to be so much fun!!!! There will be NO dancing I'm sure ;-)

  3. YAY!!!!! Major applause. Major excitement! Let's chat soon. We can plan a phone convo. I am so excited for you two. What a perfect engagement!

  4. Thanks, Chica!!! Yes, such major excitement around here these days. Busy, busy, busy though. Still loving every minute of it, so far that is. I'm gonna email you for your phone number so we can chat this week. I also have some fun wedding questions for you =)

  5. What, us cousins, NO, no dancing I'm sure!!! =) I can't wait for you to meet Charles just as much as I can't wait to meet Joe! I sure hope to meet your man in October as well. Seems like we both have really good men. What a blessing!

  6. I am so very, very blessed and happy! Thanks to you for bringing that much more joy!!! Oh trust me, we are enjoying every minute of wedding planning. Probably won't get stressful until the littlest of details are concerned. We will pray our way through it though. Love you, too!

  7. Thanks so much, Sarah! It was fun sharing all our joy. I would definitely have to agree, I sure am one lucky girl!!!

  8. Thank you, Katie!!!! We are still smiling from ear to ear (and just can't help it!)
    I'm sure you can relate to what a wonderful time the engagement period was. So much excitement and joy flying around!!!

  9. Thanks so much, Bri =) We are very, very happy and can't wait to share the special day with all of you!!! We just talked with our photographers last night and you are going to love them. They are a younger married couple. They will be a blast to work with on Oct. 5 and I"m really excited for all the fun shots we will get together (bride and bridesmaids :) Oh my goodness, can't wait to see you!!! Julia from Roma will be in the party, too =) Way too much fun for one roof to hold!!!


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