Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is here!

It sure feels amazing to be back in sandals!  The light and airy freedom in between your toes is such 
a heavenly feeling.  No more stuffy shoes or clunky boots.  Boy does it feel great to pack away winter attire and say "hello" to the lighter layers of clothing and sweet blue skies.
It's time for an energetic pop of color and some Salt Water sandals!!!
This is my first pair and I'm in love =)
Let me live in these all summer and I'll be happy.
 How to make wedding planning even more fun???  Add some creme brulee, a few sticky pecan rolls and a calorie burn tea (not really sure how much it actually counteracts against what was just consumed, but oh well :) and you've got yourself a perfect little set up for some wedding planning!
Bring along a sibling, even better.
Having only been a coffee drinker, look what Charles has done to me!!!!!  Warning, please don't judge by the gross picture below, because a fresh glass of green tea from Panera is actually very pretty and tastes even more AMAZING than it looks.  It's the perfect amount of sweet and refreshing!
I'd suggest trying a large next time you go to Panera, because you will be kicking yourself for only ordering a small.  Next, you will be asking me why I ever got you hooked. =)
Kind of tastes like spring in a cup!
Speaking of refreshing drinks....
Bahama Breeze is where my "ocean blue" met his "mint tea."
It was actually a pretty tasty combo, goofy picture or no goofy picture.
Sorry honey, you knew I would post this picture! =)
Thanks to this guy for a fun surprise lunch date yesterday.  Gosh I love Sundays!!!
Not sure about you, but I love when the guy picks where we are going to eat.
One, I love surprises and two, I hate making decisions. 
It's a definite blessing that Charles is good at both!
 What a neat place that I would definitely recommend and go back to!
Inside the restaurant felt like a little tropical paradise straight from Hawaii.
Not bad for being in the middle of Illinois at the end of April. 
And..... Rifle Paper Co. does it again!!
Always so feminine, classy, clean and inspirational.  My winter iPhone case was 
on the fritz.  How convenient that this one came out just in time for spring?!?
We've also been enjoying a bit more of the great outdoors.  It's beautiful seeing the peeks of green coming through on tree buds and grass as everything wakes up from it's winter slumber.  Aside from recent spring walks and open windows,  I think Charles is itching to plant some flowers in the upcoming weeks!!!

How have you been enjoying these gorgeous days of spring???

A happy happy Monday, Chicas!


  1. Okay this post is to die for chica! I am in love with spring too! Just the outside of Bahama Breeze kind of reminds me of Florida! All those drinks look so refreshing! I want a green tea right now! I just came in from an amazing run on the gorgeous sunny day!

    I am so jealous of your iphone case!!! I'm in love with it:) Cute sweatshirt chica;) Miss you

  2. our wedding photographer has that same iphone case. funny, huh? haha!

  3. I just bought a pair of salt water sandals and haven't had the chance to wear them. How are they?

  4. Such a small world =) Good choice though, I'm loving a spring case!

  5. Thanks, Chica! Missing you too, as always!!! Next time you come I'm definitely taking you to Bahama Breeze, you would love it. The food is incredible and the drinks amazing. Okay, I really shouldn't talk it up too much =) Wouldn't want to disappoint!

  6. Oh my goodness, put those sandals on your feet and let me know what you think! I love mine!!! They were comfort from day one. No blisters or needing to break them in for me. I've heard that people walk 6-7 miles in them and they are still comfortable. I have yet to really walk long distances in mine, but I do love my salt waters!


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