Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Sunday Currently, vol. 6

 Reading  many magazines and websites =)  

 Writing  this blog post and many wonderful letters!

 Anticipating  the days when spring weather will be here to stay.  We've had such a beautiful taste of it this weekend.  

  Thinking  that it's time to head back to the gym this week.  I've been so lazy and it's time to break a good sweat again.

 Rejoicing  over how beautiful Charles baptism was.  What an incredible and memorable day that I will never ever forget.  

 Smelling   and loving the "fig" scented room diffuser from Pottery Barn.

 Wishing    that we could have five day weekends and two day weeks!  Anyone else agree with me?

 Hoping   that I can start washing and putting away winter clothing this week.  

  Listening   to The Bible TV series.

 Sipping  an afternoon/evening cappuccino. 

 Loving   the above picture from a special photo shoot this week with my love. =) and the picture below from a favorite pub of ours.  I'm glad I snapped this photo during lunch today and no it really wasn't this empty, I promise =) 

  Wanting   a day trip to the city for exploring new restaurants and visiting a new museum.  This is what I wrote a few weeks ago and I think I'll leave it here because I still want to do this!  

 Needing   a few naps this week, I can already tell. 

 Feeling   all cleaned up with a fresh manicure and pedicure ~ I love afternoons spent at the salon with Charles' mom and sisters!

 Watching   The Bible.                                         

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  1. I love that picture of you and Charles! You both look so happy! I am right there with you on spring and putting those winter clothes away! Ooh I want a day in the city too! How fun to get pedicures and manicures with Charles Mom and sisters!!! I am in desperate need of those too:) ok Chica.....skip the naps and go to the gym! Ha ha I actually hope you can fit both in:) Miss you to the moon!

  2. Love this photo of you two =) You look so happy together!!!!

  3. I love that picture of you two also. Your "wishing"... those exact words are in my "about me" page funny, we are definitely not alone.

  4. You're so beautiful!! It sounds like you had a great weekend and that you've had lots to celebrate lately!

  5. what a beautiful photo of you two! so cute!


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