Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Currently, vol. 7

 Reading  many wedding magazines and websites =)  Can't forget pinterest!!!  Soooo helpful.

 Writing  this blog post and many other wonderful wedding related letters and notes!  Also cooking up some other blog posts for this week.  My man is such a great encouragement when it comes to blogging!

 Anticipating  a beautiful wedding day in October!!!  

  Thinking  wedding planning is way easier than I thought it would be.  Guess it kind of really helps when your fiance is beyond helpful with all the work.  Charles is on top of all the phone calls, emails and arranging meetings.  I couldn't do this without him, obviously =)  In the event that you missed our engagement story, click and read.

 Rejoicing  that spring has finally sprung and enjoying open windows all day. 

 Smelling   fresh air.

 Wishing    that Sundays would last just a little bit longer, they fly by way too fast.

 Hoping   that Charles and I can finalize our photographer and DJ within the next few weeks.  

  Listening   to Bob Marley as Charles jams along. I would mow the yard listening to "buffalo soldier" and "I shot the sheriff" back when I was in highschool and I still love his music.  Don't know why, just do.

 Sipping  a venti iced hazelnut macchiato. 

 Loving   how our save the dates turned out!!!  

  Wanting    to get through many things on my "to-do" list this week. 

 Needing   one more nap this week at some point, today's was amazing! 

 Feeling   very blessed with so many wonderful friends in my life.

 Wearing   Red Saltwater sandals, danskin leggings and a blue and cream striped J.Crew sweatshirt.    
Okay, so the word or subject "wedding" was written all over this post, and I
kind of like that!!! =)

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Have a great Sunday!


  1. Ha ha ha thats too funny that several things in our currently posts are identicle! smelling fresh air windows open so blessed with such wonderful friends! we so share brains!
    Loving all the wedding in this post Maggie! I can't wait to see the save the date:):)

    Hope you are able to get lots done on your to do list this week! Miss you!

  2. Thanks so much! You are right, is super exciting and we are loving every minute of it =) How time is flying by though. Getting excited for the wedding and still soaking up every minute of being engaged.

  3. Ready, set, GO!!! Here we come Monday! Good luck with your busy week as well. Keep up your running. I'm going to try and go outdoors today.

    Save the dates are coming soon! =)

  4. Oh my goodness and was it one heck of a Monday ha ha! Hope you made it outside chica! Can't wait for the save the date!

  5. what an adorable photo! all of your wedding talk has me missing the days of my engagement! hope you're having a great week :)


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