Monday, April 8, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately (as in a few weeks ago) of course involved coffee as always.
 trips to the Tae Kwon Do school for some pizza, fun and exercise.
 A trip to the shrine to say "goodbye" to a dear priest who recently left for Chile.
As a child I found a penny laying on the ground in the parking lot.  I handed it to this priest and he promptly handed it back
to me saying, "keep it for your wedding dress, it will be expensive!" 
I may have only been 10 at the time, but I still remember this conversation vividly. 
 Working on part of my 26 year old bucket list:
Shopping at Ikea for my sisters bedroom/art studio.
 Showing off our favorite Venga tea!!
This is and always will be a favorite little spot of ours.
 Out to a birthday lunch with Charlie's nephews.
Looks like someone has a natural touch =)
 Gym time!
 A really old picture of a cousin.  
NOoo, being Irish and stubborn doesn't run in my family! =)
What a cutie!
 A fun pizza and movie night at Charlie's place!
The siblings love nights like this. 
 Still loving the new hazelnut macchiato.
And still being frustrated that I can't get my comments to work with Disqus on google plus.
Anyone know why the comments won't come through with peoples names or pictures next to them???
All comments come through looking like I wrote them!!!  
If anyone has helpful suggestions or a website that has instructions to fix this, please help a girl out here!
Oh the little frustrations of the blogging world.

On a happy note, I hope everyone had a wonderful and very relaxing weekend!!! 
More to come soon =) 

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  1. OH my gosh the story of the penny kind of gives me chills! He was and is my favorite Priest! Such a sweet and gentle man! Do you still have that penny to put towards your wedding dress? I cannot wait to see Jenny's new room! I want to try that tea! Such a cute picture of Charlie and his nephew! The pizza and movie night looks like so much fun! Way to get to the gym girly keep it up:) Miss you! And now I want a Macchiato!


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