Friday, October 18, 2013


Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!!!  We've been married for 13 days now and it is WONDERFUL!!!!
Charlie and I are LOVING married life =) 
Everything is still soaking in a day at a time!! 
We recently got back from our honeymoon in Arizona a few days ago and are starting to settle in.
Each day is flying by and we are trying to savor each new day of married life during the Fall season while also getting our home organized.

Our honeymoon in Arizona was absolutely incredible!  I can't wait to share some more photos from the trip.  The warm weather was balmy and the terrain beyond restful and therapeutic after 6 months of wedding planning.  I still think spa day was my favorite, honey =) 

Then coming back to the gorgeous romantic season that we were married in was a beautiful, beautiful thing.  The perfect newlywed couples weather; cozy, snugly, coffee hugging weather.  We came home to blankets, scarves, cappuccinos, big red pots of chili, brisk walks outdoors paired with apple picking and pumpkin patches!!!

This next stage in life is full of new adventures and dreams that are coming to life!!!
I'm so grateful to have Charlie by my side every step of the way.  He is one incredible husband and I'm so very thankful that God put him in my life.
I love you, sweetheart ~  Thank you for being the sunshine that always warms my heart!
Thank you for asking me to marry you.
And thank you for asking me to blog again =)

Now I'm super excited to share the adventures of married life!!!!  
Look out world, here we come!


  1. Ahh Maggie I love this post!!! I can hardly believe it aaahhhh you're married! I love it;) Yes thanks Charlie for asking her to blog again:) I can't wait to see more pictures from the trip!!! Ok your fall adventures sound wonderful!!:) Keep enjoying every second of life chica! Miss you!

  2. Maggie - I am so happy for you! I can feel your happiness and excitement through your words. (It makes me remember how awesome the first year of marriage felt!) Congratulations to you both!!!! xoxo Looking forward to seeing the photos :)

  3. Thanks so much, Stephanie! We are loving married life and can't wait to share more photos from our happy beginning!!!

  4. ahhh I wish you were here to paint, too! I thought of you the other day when I finally found me some cidre =) This is really again when I wished we lived closer so we could spend our weekends together. You are SO dear to me! And your birthday is right around the corner =) =) =) Can't wait to celebrate!!!

  5. I know I saw your cidre Instagram;) we were drinking them together in spirit without even knowing it! Great minds think alike! Or we share brains. Oh man if only we lived closer life would be perfect!:) Holy crap I know I'm going to be another year older! Ahhh When are you coming to see me??? Hehe JK. You are SO dear to me and I treasure our friendship!!!:) miss you so much!


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