Monday, October 28, 2013

A trip to the corn maze!

 A crisp autumn day in October calls for bundling up with two layers of socks, a jacket, scarf and boots and taking a trip with friends to the local corn maze!!!

We had such a gorgeous day in the 50s with the sun beams shining down and keeping us warm as we found our way through the field of corn.  It's amazing what a difference the sun makes in ones 
comfort level.  The minute that baby went down, we all started to cool off very quickly!
 This couple makes us laugh more than should be allowed and I'm so grateful that we live close by!
Our record was seeing each other three days in a row this weekend.....boy do we love having our social life back.  I think our friends are pretty happy about it too =)  
Girls night, dinner parties, games and it!!!!
 Hard to believe that last year at the corn maze we were just boyfriend and girlfriend and this year we are MARRIED!!!
 What an awesome bunch!  It was nice getting to spend time with my brother who I don't see nearly enough anymore because he is busy with school and work.  Miss that guy!
 I love you, honey!!!
 It was such a blast spending the day with the Netzels and their kids.  They are happy to have friends back, too =)
 And . . . which way do we go?!?!

Enjoy this last week of October.  
Grab yourself a coat and hat and take a walk outside or go on an exciting fall adventure through the woods!!!  I know that besides all the painting I'm planning on tackling this week, I'm also planning many brisk walks outside.  Time to soak up the fresh air!!!

And just in case you missed the grand posting of some wedding photos click on over HERE!!!
Maggie Morrison =)


  1. LOVE corn mazes. I just love them! Ohhh yes. Looks like a ton of fun!

  2. What a fun day!!! Such a perfect fall activity. I am so glad you actually went through the corn maze this year! I am sure you all glad to have your social time back:) Cute boots chica;) I miss you all!

  3. I know, I was sooo happy we went through the maze this year!!! It was the beatles theme and so Charlie got a huge kick out of that =) It is definitely a smart move to also go through the corn maze while it's still light and warm out, although pitch black would be a blast, too!!! miss you soooo much!

  4. It was my first time going through one, can you believe that!?!?! What took me so long!? Next year I want to bundle up more and go through when it is dark with a flash light. So, much, fun!!!


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