Saturday, October 26, 2013

October Festivities

Ramblings from this past Thursday:
It's lunch time around the Morrison household and I just finished a hot bowl of chili with my hubby!
I love that we can spend a few hours together over lunch each day.
Today has been quite productive so far.  Having always been a sucker for Pottery Barn, this mornings experience left me even more so.  Given that all our walls on the first floor are a simple cream, I thought I would be adventurous and try Pottery Barns complementary design service and get their professional help in choosing new paint colors.
This morning, two ladies came to the house and helped pick out paint colors and took down measurements in case we want to add furniture or decor to our home. 
This is where the experts come in and I'm so grateful.  =)
We even had a follow up the next day in the store.  It was great!  They weren't pushy at all, but helped to stay within a newlywed budget by picking sale items to help tie the rooms and colors together.
She even picked out our front hall rug, which I'm in LOVE with!!!  Oh why, oh why, do women love making things homey and cozy?!?!?  
We are going for the cozy, yet simple, tied together look around here :)

Besides settling in to a new home (which has been thrilling and exciting!), October has brought many wonderful days.....
filled with:

A day at the township fall festival:
a visit to our favorite patisserie for some pumpkin pie, hot cider and sticky pecan roll
time spent on the couch snuggling under blankets
a day with our family's to open all our wedding gifts!
lunch with the hubs =)  I'm sooo in LOVE with HIM!!!
just goofing off with the man of my dreams because being normal isn't as fun
big red pots of chili =)  I love fall food
semi normal....ehhh
hot apple cider... I love drinking fall in a cup!
sitting in bed playing my favorite childhood game.
as a child I used to stay up until 2 am with my girlfriends playing enchanted forest.
this was a sweet wedding gift from my old babysitter who used to come over and play this with me along with her fiance at the time.  now they are married and have 8 children, all of which were at the wedding!  wonderful memories!!!
pumpkins.  pumpkins.  pumpkins.
our very first grocery shop after getting back from our honeymoon!
Other than these happy adventures, Charlie and I can't wait for our trip to the corn maze with family and friends tomorrow!  This time, I promised him that I would dress a bit warmer.  Last year I never even made it into the corn maze so maybe a down coat and fleece socks will help a bit with taking the freezing cold edge off.
We can't wait for more chilly weather, rubber boots, raking leaves and huge burn piles that smell amazing!!!!

Happy Fall =)
Maggie Morrison

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  1. It looks like you are having such a fun fall!!!:) oh pottery barn, they are awesome!!! I can't wait to come and visit!!! That chilli looks so good! I want a bowl! I miss you! I love hearing about all of your newlywed happiness and adventures!


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