Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just Relaxing

I'm not sure if it's the dreary grey weather or if it's still recovering from all the wedding planning for the past six months, but late this afternoon I hit a crashing point.  These past few days I've been dog tired and find myself having to push forward.  
While I came home this evening with the intent to crash and take a nap, yes, at 5pm none-the-less, I thought I would do something a little bit more productive.  Popping in a few nespresso capsules,  I made a second cappuccino for the day, grabbed a biscotti and climbed into bed with my laptop.
Well, "hello" blogging world, I decided to visit you for awhile.
Charlie and I have been thoroughly enjoying our new breakfast/coffee tray!!! 
While I'm sure it will serve many a romantic breakfast, it also works great for lazy evenings like tonight. 
I've been wanting a tray like this for quite some time, but have been holding out on buying one.  Then boom, just last week some sweet friends of ours sent us this one with our names engraved in it and I LOVE it!!!!
Sometimes it's just necessary to kick back and relax.  Grab a good book, sit down to read a few blogs, write a letter.....
As my hubby so wisely says, "allowing yourself to relax and recuperate only makes you more productive later on!"  I love the way that man thinks =) he's so darn right!!!

Enjoy yourself a relaxing evening.


  1. It sounds like the perfect relaxing evening! I know exactly how you feel! I was feeling like that a few weeks ago just like I couldn't go on! I just wanted to do nothing for days! I'm glad you're taking an evening off, you need it after all of your wedding planning! That tray is incrediable! I love it!

  2. That breakfast tray is so adorable! Love it! Now you have an excuse to relax in bed every chance you get!


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