Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Coffee

Dear Coffee:  I love you so much and don't know what I'll do when I have to give you up, eventually!

Thank you.... for helping me get caught up on the laundry including packing away all the summer clothes and organizing a whole new closet system.  Totally working with the his and hers closet thing, just had to get creative about where I was going to put my shoes!

Thank you.... for helping me survive a huge "stock up" grocery run!  I hate having to go to the grocery store more than I can help it.  I'm ecstatic that I actually did meal planning for once and have 14 meals planned for the upcoming weeks!!!  That might sound impressive, but it really is simply using some of the same ingredients for a few different meals and therefore keeping it fairly easy.

Thank you.... for making it a bit easier to get up in the morning knowing I get to sip you.  Guess it's even that much easier to get up when the said coffee is brought to you in bed by your loving husband who wakes up extra early to go and buy the milk for the coffee.  Love you, honey!

Thank you.... for being the perfect afternoon pick me up, or evening pick me up.

Thank you.... for accompanying me to the stores as I pick up paint, more color swatches and supplies.  I'm sure you will be with me as I get some painting projects done around the house.

Thank you.... for being something that my husband and I can both appreciate and share a love for!  It makes it more fun when there are two of you sipping hot cups of coffee =)

Until next time, a big cup of thanks for reading along!
Honeymoon pictures to come next =)

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  1. OH what on earth are you going to do when you have to give it up?!?!?!?! How is painting going? have you found the perfect color yet? Yeah way to stock up on those groceries! I love stocking up because I hate grocery shopping! I did it a couple weeks ago, it's so nice to be able to go a couple weeks without grocery shopping! Except I did have to go in this week to get some fresh fruit and milk!!:) Gotta have my PSL!! Miss your happy face chica!


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