Monday, October 21, 2013

A Newlywed Currently

Absolutely Loving:  Married life and all the joy and happiness that exudes from each new waking day with my husband by my side!!!

Writing:  lists, lists, lists!!!  I'm such a list person =) I'm writing down all the errands I need to run this week.  I need to pick up groceries for some cozy Fall meals.  Other lists also include paint brushes, paint, lamp stands, pillow fillers, exchange the toaster, etc.  Creating a warm and loving place for my hubby to come home to is such a blast!!!

Listening:  to music by a local artist who was on American Idol.  Pat McKillen was jamming out at our local fall festival this Saturday and my mom bought Charlie and I two of his CDs.  I LOVE new tunes, especially some chill music for during this festive season.

Thanking:  all of our unbelievably thoughtful and generous family and friends for the beautiful wedding gifts that we opened last night!!!  I'm totally blown away by everyones love.  Yesterday Charles and I cleaned house, baked some gingersnap cookies, pulled out the cider and put on the tea kettle and had our families over along with some friends to share in the continued joy of our wedding day!

Anticipating:  heading to the corn maze this weekend to celebrate Fall and this chilly weather we are having.  We are also looking forward to some sneak peak pictures of our wedding that should be coming out this week.  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM!!!!!!!

Needing:  a fresh hair cut and color for Fall.  Seriously, this hair needs some help!!!  All it has known these past months are the words, grow, grow, grow.  I see a girls day out in the upcoming weeks to take care of this.

Appreciating:  my amazing husband who enjoys cleaning with me!!! =) What a sweetheart to jump right in by vacuuming the stairs, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, doing the dishes and then following all of this with "what can I do to help you, honey?" Oh boy, I am overwhelmed by his love and sweetness!!!  I love you, handsome!!!!!!!!!

Wishing:  i could hold on to October longer.  I'm appreciating every. single. day. that we have left of this month.  October will always hold a very dear place in my heart for obvious reasons and more.  I don't know what it is about this month, but I've always loved the word October.... call me silly, I don't care.

Wearing:  pajamas still.  I've been enjoying taking the month of October off from work just to get settled in a bit.  It's almost 11am. Guess I should put on some yoga pants and some motivating gym shoes and get to work.  My goal for this morning is to put all the summer clothes away.
Ready, set, go!!!

Have a beautiful fall day.


  1. I love all the joy that is spilling over in this post!!!!! Oh man I bet you cannot wait to see some of your wedding pictures!!! I know I can't!!! My brother Tom wants to see the video of the board breaking!:) They are going to be STUNNING photos!! It sounds like you had a fun day and evening opening gifts! Have fun at the corn maze! You better go through it this year! Miss you chica! Happy painting!

  2. Wonderful post! And you look STUNNING on that photo of your wedding day. Such a beautiful dress!!


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