Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Babe Grows!

Here we are at week 10:
We just had our 2nd doctor appointment on Monday and everything went wonderful, other than the fact that we found out my uterus is flipped!  We have two weeks to work on exercises to try and reverse this and then we are back to the doctors to have it checked again.  Supposedly this is common in women and by week 10-12 it corrects itself.  We are hoping to see it where it is supposed to be by the time we go back.

At this point, I'm less tired.  Thank goodness!  I'm still craving all things fruit, fruit, fruit!!!  I also love salami and lunch meat =)  For the past few weeks we've been out of the ice cream and pickle stage.  That didn't last long.  Anything carbonated also soothes and tastes good.  Our local grocery store carries fresh squeezed orange juice and tangerine juice ~ hallelujah, I love it!!!
I also recently discovered that some of the fage yogurts have 14 grams of protein....say what?!?!? yes, I stocked up on those babies last night =)  Any small container that contains that much protein is a blessing.  I can't stand the feeling of making myself eat soooo much trying to get the protein in.  Small amounts are way better!

We are getting close to the 4 month mark.  Holy cow is time flying!!!  I can't believe it.
We are loving this little babe more and more every day.



  1. Cutie! Preggers looks good on you girl =)

  2. You look adorable as usual! Man time is flying! I am so glad to hear your not so tired! I'm so excited for you!!:)

  3. Thanks, Rachel =) I love not being so tired anymore. I cut myself some slack yesterday and took a nice little nap and it felt great!!! But for the most part, I'm nap free =)

  4. Thanks, Katie!!! I love being pregnant =) I'm curious to see how fast I grow. I know it will come to a point where I'll want to stop getting sooo big, ha, ha!

  5. hi!! i just found your blog and holy moly i'm so glad i did! you are ADORABLE! and i am sending prayers your way for a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy! I just had a baby girl last july and oh my, it is simply the best! can't wait to continue to follow along!

    and ps - that lady A concert you posted about recently?!?! AMAZINGGGGGGGGG

  6. Awe, you're so sweet!!! I can't wait to go and check out your blog =) It's always a joy to find fun new bloggers! Congratulations on your little baby girl. My husband thinks our first one will be a girl and I kinda hope he is right :) Heading over to your blog now!!!


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