Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baby Bump!

Hello little baby bump!!!  We are so excited to see you =)
It's crazy to think that the little sweet pea is already the size of a grape and is sucking away at his or her thumb.  Funny how something the size of a grape can look soooo much larger from the outside.
We are looking forward to our second doctors appointment next week where we will be going over our options for the baby's birth.  It's amazing how fast time is flying!  I didn't want time to get away too quickly before I snapped a few pregger photos along the way.
Here we are at week 9:

 Mommy and Daddy love you little one!  
Keep growing big and strong in there.
lots of love, 


  1. OMG!!!!!! I cannot wait to see you!! You look gorgeous Maggie! I LOVE your hair cut too! I can't wait to meet the little sweet pea!!:) Be prepared for some serious Auntie town coming to town when the sweet pea arrives! Love you chica!

  2. The hair cut is PERFECT darling! LOVE IT! I've been thinking of chomping my hair off but Alex would kill me. I'm just thinking I'll want something easier to manage here very soon. I feel it coming on.

    You should do a post on your preggers diet because it's clearly helping your little one grow! LOVE THE BUMP. It's a perfect bump! And you are carrying low.... maybe it is a girl after all?


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