Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prepping the Baby's Room!!!

My hubby and I are beyond excited to finish cleaning out the room that was previously a spare bedroom/music room with his guitars and make it baby ready!
When you say "yes" to life and having children, it's amazing how God provides.
We weren't even pregnant a month and we had people offering to give us their baby furniture, baby clothes and really nice maternity wear....for free! 
Not to mention, my sweet mother-in-law took me to pick out my very first maternity outfits =)
Hopefully a few of the men will be free to go with me this weekend or next weekend to pick up this gorgeous baby furniture that I'm ecstatic and thrilled about!!!!!
I can't believe someone is just giving all of this to us and how beautiful it is!
 Restoration Hardware furniture is super sturdy and will last with all our children:

This dresser even has a tray that sits on top and turns this piece into a changing table as well.
 To finish off the look in the room, we are planning on adding this adorable book case for the baby's blankets, books and toys!!!  
Now I have to pick out a wall color that will go nicely with the furniture.

Oh how I am sooo grateful for these blessings from friends who so generously want to pass all this on so that it continues to get more use. 
We are beyond grateful for this help in getting our family started.
Acts like this makes me want to spread more love and kindness in the world!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!


  1. Holy Blessings!!! I was going to say holy crap but that didn't seem right haha! That is gorgeous chica! SO exciting too!!!! That is going to be a beautiful nursery!

  2. Ha, ha, ha I can just hear the holy crap part =) Yep, when you come to visit, you're more than welcome to stay in the pretty crib ;)

  3. Oh I feel so honored! Do I get a binkey too?? Lol


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