Monday, February 17, 2014

A Weekend at the Cabin

This past Friday evening, my brother and four couples all met up at our place.  We decided this would be the best meeting point for caravanning up to the cabin. 
9:15PM and it was finally time to hit the road and begin our weekend together!
This trip had been planned for quite some time and we were beyond excited that our weekend had finally arrived. 
Rolling in to Galena around midnight, we were all very grateful that the long driveway had been plowed.  Two of the guys grabbed some shovels and dug us a path up to the cabin door.  Bags unloaded, we all started catching up with one another and before we knew it, it was 3:00AM!!!
Sleeping in the next day, we all woke up with hot cups of coffee in hand.  We thought we would wake up further by taking a nice long hike down the frozen river for a few hours.
Upon our return, we thawed out in front of the wood stove.  Then began mixed cocktails, more coffee, lots and lots of food and afternoon games!
Getting ready for a very long walk on the river!!!
These guys were geared up for the woods =)
 You would think we were staying a week with all these games!!
We only made it through a quarter of them.
 Warming up post walk.
Priya made us all Passion Fruit Mojitos.  She even made me a virgin mojito and it was amazing!
 The other camera lady all weekend.
 This wood burning stove kept us all cozy the entire weekend!!!

 Love my hubby soooo much!!!
 And we ate, and ate and ate some more....

 Out to brunch after Church on Sunday.

 Getting our game on!!!  
We had so many people we had two games going at the same time.

 There were at least 8 cups of coffee mugs in rotation at all times during the weekend =)
I didn't quite realize how relaxing this weekend would be.  Our only wish was that the weekend could have been longer and we could have played more games together. It's wonderful knowing such dear friends who all enjoy a quality weekend spent in close quarters with one another!!!
We can't wait to do it again.
What were you up to this past weekend?  Anything new, fun, simply relaxing?

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  1. Looks like the perfect winter weekend at the cabin! Wow I think you should've brought one more game!! Then you would've had enough! Haha


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