Monday, October 29, 2012

Assistive Tech Conference

Since I'm thinking of going back to school to be an OT and because I work with disabled children every day, I thought that "Closing the Gap" would be a great Assistive Tech Conference to attend.

Closing the Gap takes place every year in Minnesota and as a first timer, I was able to receive a one time scholarship to attend the $500 conference completely FREE!!!  What a phenomenal opportunity and incredible learning experience.

So okay, I did feel a little out of place seeing as pretty much everyone else there were either therapists, AT district coordinators or teachers.  
Umm can I just say that my mom and I were a little brain dead by the end of the evening on the first day second day.  

But how convenient that the hotel where the conference was held should have a cute little bar!
This was my mom: "It's so nice to have you with me this year, because I wouldn't have come in for a beer by myself last year!" =)  

So glad we took a little "break" together where we sat a talked and talked and talked about everything we had just learned.  Because there were SOOO many wonderful classes all day, the two of us split up for different classes during the same hour so we could attend as many as possible.    In the end we came together and shared what we learned.
Here's a pic of my conference evaluation.  The few empty spaces on Wednesday were from when I took a nap in the car because I wasn't feeling so great!  But after a little sleep and some food, I was absorbing sooooo much awesome information!

If you're a therapist or a teacher I would highly recommend this conference.  I learned so much about assistive technology in just three days and don't forget that you're first time going is free with the scholarship.  

At the end of another long but wonderful day, I went out to McCoy's to hang out with my cousin, her husband and all her friends for her second birthday party celebration!!!  
I just love all her friends =)  Such fun people.
And.....I just had to share a fun pre-conference outing!  Nadia's Cupcakes in Maple Grove, MN were  a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!
After one of our days at the conference, we meet up with my aunt at this little Italian pizza place!

Have you ever attended anything like this?  Please share if you have any good recommendations!

Hope you had an amazing Fall weekend!  Pictures of my Fall weekend will be here soon =)

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your conference and learnt do much! Your evenings sounded fun too:)


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