Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Harvest Moon

This past weekend was filled to the brim with Fall festivities! 

It was my first time "visiting" a corn maze and I say "visit" because we never actually made it into the corn maze itself.  We spent three hours watching cute little pigs race, sipping hot cider, going on hay rides and standing by every fire we could find trying to stay warm.

It was simply way too cold to get lost in a corn maze for hours on end not knowing when we would find heat to warm our toes again!  It was still a beautiful and fun Fall evening under the most beautiful Harvest Moon. =)

The next evening was spent carving pumpkins with friends and enjoying a few lots of Fall goodies.

 Ta Da, our artistic creations!

 That's the cutest ghost I've ever seen!!!

So I think I have a special love for owls.

Katie and I heart J.Crew sweaters and salted pumpkin seeds =)

What a wonderful way to spend a Fall weekend with people I care about.  

What Autumn festivities have you been enjoying lately???


  1. Oh my gosh!! My first home!! How fun!!

  2. Cute blog! I'm following you on GFC :)

  3. You guys did a great job at carving those pumpkins, they look great. Hubby & I have been visiting local restaurants to try their numerous types of Fall goodies :) especially their seasonal brews :)
    Abi K

  4. my cousin and i did a corn maze this weekend too! it was a lot of fun. i decided though i would never ever go through a corn maze in the dark, how the heck would you find your way out? i think a search team would need to be dispatched to come find me. and i love that heart sweater

  5. The sweetest pumpkin carvings ever! Nice job guys! What a fun fall weekend! I am so going to take credit for your special love for owl's:) I LOVE that pumpkin! I did a haunted corn maze a long while ago so fun:) If I had been there you so would have been going through that maze;)

  6. Yummy pumpkin seeds! I have actually never made them before, I should get on that!

  7. How much fun!!! You got some GREAT pics of your finished Jack-o-Lanterns! Sounds like a perfect fall weekend to me... Oh, and freshly roasted pumpkin seeds? Can't beat 'em (now you've got me craving some...ha!)!


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