Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chicago Marathon

A few weekends ago my aunt, cousin and priest friend came into town for the Chicago marathon!!!

The weekend started off somewhat like this: 

This was a great idea so that our runners could find us in the massive crowd of spectators.  
Okay so we were a little disappointed that we weren't the only brilliant people to think of this idea.  There were several other balloons (with mustaches too!)  Geesh, so much for being original =)
Bright and early in downtown Chicago ~ Marathon runners ready to begin!

Yay Auntie El and Father ~ lookin' the 2 mile mark =)

The best part of seeing them at the 2 mile marker was when Father came up to me and gave me those eyes of "OH HALLELUJAH!!!!" as he saw my cup of coffee sitting on the ledge.  Of course I immediately told him to go ahead and drink it.  He took one close look at my cup and said, "eeewww there's lipstick on there!"  to which I quickly responded "yes but it's all we've got, so just go ahead and drink it Father!"  Desperate for coffee, he took a sip and responded with the voice of a whiny baby, "eeewwww it's cold!!!!" Poor Father, I could only laugh as this came out of his mouth.  I said "sorry Father, it's all I've got, we've only been waiting here for you for over an hour and I couldn't keep it hot any longer."

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the marathon with a hot cup of coffee in hand, trying to catch up to them!  We saw them in the passing several times, but were never able to hand off that hot cup of coffee.  

There was such excitement in the air as the bystanders cheered everyone on!
I think I seriously got high off the endorphins of the runners =)

YAY!!!!  They made it all the way!!!

A beautiful picture as the sisters embrace each other. 

Tired but very hungry, we all enjoyed a celebratory meal together.

What an amazing weekend together!  I was so proud of all their hard work and endurance.  The pain, the sweat, the tears..... I can't even imagine.  

All three of these people were and are an inspiration to me.  Kinda makes me want to run a marathon, okay NOT really.  But maybe a half?!?!  Seriously thinking and talking about it.

Have you ever run a marathon or a half marathon? 
Do you have a love/hate relationship with running like me?


  1. A marathon sounds great but really my knees are sore after 5to6 miles. I really want to do one some day but realistically I would probably need a surgeon at the end for my knees! Haha Way to go Auntie El and Father:) Happy running Maggie;)

  2. My dad told me the same advice! I am learning to listen to that rule ;)

  3. I absolutely love Chicago! My husband and I actually live five hours from Chicago (Quincy, Illinois) and we hope to make a trip up soon to do touristy things. I feel like theres never enough time in the day to do fun things like that.

    I also used to run, and as much as I hate it, I love the rewards of it. Nothing feels better than getting out and getting some exercise in!

    Can't wait to


  4. Hi Maggie! Thanks for following my blog! ;-) You are my follower number 3! I will be following your blog as well!!

  5. Maggie, what restaurant did you all go to post-marathon? It looks so familiar...
    I miss you all!
    Ruth :)

    1. We went to a little place called the Annex in Barrington, have you ever been? Miss you too!


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