Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Buy One Nice Thing

My father always taught me to buy one nice thing rather than a bunch of things you don't really like or need.   Many times I find that all those random things that you thought you maybe sort of liked, but actually hated and never ended up wearing end up costing more than that one nice thing you could have bought.
I've always appreciated this advice from my dad and try to follow it as a general rule.
Soooo.... this past weekend I bought one okay a few nice things!  Instead of having a bunch of stuff or things I don't really like, I'd rather save up for things I'll love and use every day.

This weekend involved finding boots, slippers and running shoes!!!  All three were on my list of things I actually needed, triple score, right?!? =) 

Check out what I found:

Jessica Simpson "Esteem" Boot
I know it's nice when a girl compliments another girl on her outfit, but I have to say it's even better when a guy does.  I wore these boots to the running shoe store the other day and the guy said "wow, nice boots, I really like them!  What kind are they?" and he wasn't that type of girly guy in case you're wondering.  =)  Just a normal Joe!

Nike Lunar Eclipse
I'm also a huge fan of the local thrift stores and goodwill.  I find that I can substitute some great articles of clothes from there and save myself bundles of money!

This also helps for when you want to spend more on other articles of clothing or simply save the money all together. =)

What are your thoughts on how to spend money wisely?
Do you like to splurge on comfy shoes?
What are your favorite things to splurge money on?


  1. You got UGGS!!!!! I'm so happy you did! I have the same philosophy when it comes to money!

  2. I love them all! But I love LOVE those boots. Did they have them in black? If so, I might be shopping ;)

  3. What a good read. I agree with you on the idea that's best to invest on something you really love & will wear than to buy several things here & there that you aren't sure you love. Your boots are really nice, I have a similar comfy Steve Madden pair :)
    Abi K

  4. I love those slippers! I NEED some fuzzy slippers :) Thanks for stopping by and following today. I'm your newest GFC follower.

  5. I've been wanting those slippers in that color! I've tried to forget about them...until now!

  6. Love this post & your blog! Thanks for stopping by gypsy-air! Love new meeting new blogger friends!
    xxoo Air

  7. you can't go wrong with a good pair of boots! nice work

    xo the egg out west.

  8. I abide by the same purchasing rule. I spent all of high school and much of college spending all of my money on crap. Total crap. Now I buy less but buy it right. And even though I buy more expensive things now, that doesn't matter because I still end up spending less in the long run!

    I wish everyone would think this way. Then maybe quality control would be better everywhere.

    I love your boots! I have a pair that look very similar. They need to see a cobbler, though. Four years later... yikes!


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