Monday, October 1, 2012


FALL, Oh where to begin with all the beauty and joy that comes with this delightful season!?!?!

From the crisp chilly air filled with smokey wafts that drift across the road from random piles of burning leaves (that yes, I actually do slow down and open my window for =)  to the pumpkin pies, roasted marshmallows, local Fall festivities, white pumpkins, sweaters and scarves, chai tea lattes, boots and plaids, caramel apples and extra snuggle time!

Here are some favorite pictures to get you in the mood:

Are you ready for some tangibles to go with the season?!?! Here are two MUST BAKE for FALL recipes!!

I'm the world's biggest fan of cheesecake, but even if you aren't a HUGE fan, I promise you, you will still LOVE I mean seriously love, this recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake: (NOTE: I can put away several slices one whopping big slice of this delicious Fall treat, no joke!)

This particular pumpkin cheesecake has always been the biggest hit at any party I've ever taken it to!
Not just because the recipe comes from Cook's Illustrated, but because I've actually gotten comments from dad's telling me they don't care much for cheesecake.....but somehow my pumpkin cheesecake seems to make it straight to their little hearts stomach. =)

Also NOTE:  While I personally don't add the gingersnaps or pecans to the cheesecake crust, you can if you have a preference to.

The other recipe is for Ginger Snaps!  This recipe has been modified and perfected by my mother and is one that we make every. single. year.

And if you're feeling extra ambitious, go ahead and make a pumpkin cream cheese dip for these cookies ~ it really does make the dessert complete.  All you need is 1 block of cream cheese and mix it with half a jar of William Sonoma's pumpkin butter!!!

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