Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This past Sunday afternoon involved a very first trip to Sprinkles!!!

Last weekend I made the happy discovery that a Sprinkles was hidden away down a side street right off of the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago.  
 (I know, it took me so long to actually make it down there, right?!? ha, ha)

Well, needless to say, one week later..... Katie and I had a wonderful girls day in the city!


Yes, that's right, a Cupcake ATM =) Good thing I don't live close to one of these, right!?!  I'd have to be running the Magnificent Mile to earn my cupcake cupcakes.

 Such a brilliant concept!

It was soooo hard to decide which ones to order and which ones to leave behind.

Anddd we sat at a table just outside of J.Crew (of course) and enjoyed our oh so yummy cupcakes!!

All the cupcakes were really seriously delicious.  Logically I knew I had to try their red velvet cupcake as it is one of their most popular.  The German chocolate was going out of season that day, so that was naturally a must.  You can't resist Lemon and hence it was also quickly added to the box!  Carrots, well Carrots are just good for you, so of course I couldn't say no. =)

Guess Sprinkles will simply be a regular stop from now on!  


  1. Oh yum! What a fun girls day in the city! I love the fact that you sat outside of JCrew:) You girls are so cute!

  2. These look absolutely scrumptious!! I would have had such a hard time choosing which ones to try!


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