Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A bad weather day gone good!!!

This past Sunday the alarm clock beeped away on deaf ears.
 I quickly rolling out of bed several minutes after Charles had already texted "I'm on my way!"  
Yikes!!!  Holy cow!!! that middle of the night (literally 2:30am) ER visit with my little sister for a broken bone left me a little groggy and out of touch with reality.

There I was in a panic trying to figure out what time it really was, how long I had over slept and how much time I realistically, or not so realistically, had to get ready for church and all before Charles arrived at my front door.
"Okay" I'm thinking,  I have it all figured out. Oh my goodness, seriously?!?!?! I only have 10 minutes to wash my face, brush my teeth, do my hair, find something to wear, grab my boots, phone, gym bag, coat, purse, tea, makeup and be downstairs ready to go!!!!
"Okay, I can do that! Maybe!?! Maybe not!" 
A few minutes later.....and pretty much none of the above done....
Me: "Honey, I'm soo sorry, would you mind waiting for me???"
Charles:  "Sure honey, no rush, take your time" he seriously is the best!!! 
We arrived at Church and my spirits were calmed.
It was a beautiful morning at Church.  We learned so much and were filled with God's grace and His Love. I'm so thankful for the many wonderful friends Charles and I are making together at our Church.

Thankfully, the morning proceeded to be more and more relaxing!
We stopped off at our favorite little place in town for some pastries and drinks.
 And then hit the gym and 330 calories and 1 hour later....I worked off maybe half the pastries!!!
It felt ridiculously wonderful to finally work up a sweat indoors as I watched the snow as it fell softly outside.  

We had made dinner reservations for the evening, but as the snow quickly turned into dangerous ice, we decided to call it a romantic dinner in!!! 
Our efforts cooking together made for an even better evening than we had originally planned.  

There is joy and beauty even in the unexpected events of daily life.  Some times more than others, it can be a bit of a challenge to "roll with it" when plans change.  When our minds and hearts are so set on doing one particular thing, it can be difficult or challenging to accept a changing of plans.
These are great opportunities to not only be flexible, but also positive about the situation.

Remember, don't be so set on something that you miss something even greater!!! =)

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  1. Love this post! You are absolutely right...there is a lot of joy and beauty in daily life!

  2. Aww I love this post Maggie! I can completely relate to this story of life taking a sudden turn and completely changing your plans!! It can be so hard to be positive and accepting of the change! It looks like you definitely made the best of everything!:)

  3. What a great man you have! You are most likely amazing, this is why he is oh so patient. hehe

  4. What a great day and a great catch, my friend! I loved your breakfast spot! So cute!

    Oh, save your calories for Thursday-ish when my package arrives. ;)

  5. I love the ending of this post. And I agree, a lot of times cooking a meal together can be even more fun than going out. :)

  6. Świetne zdjęcia.

  7. This sounds like a day that started crazily but ended wonderfully. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Great post Maggie. I need to remember this sometimes "Remember, don't be so set on something that you miss something even greater!!!" :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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