Thursday, January 24, 2013

random facts, just because

1.  I love my coffee really hot and even better when it's in a huge mug!  Unless it's an iced coffee =)
2.  I really dislike folding laundry.
3.  I love love love organizing and cleaning, maybe just a little too much.
4.  I enjoy how I feel after I work out.
5.  I love gold colored sandals or orange flip flops.  Tory Burch has some seriously cute orange ones =)
6.  My favorite place to be is on the beach by the ocean. Sounds really good right now, doesn't it?!?!
7.  Doing dishes is not my favorite.  But I do love rubber gloves and a boyfriend who does dishes. ; )
8.  Going to bed by 9pm would never be a problem in my book.
9.  Taking trips into the city is probably on my "favorite things to-do" list right now.
10.  Sundays spent with my honey at Church is definitely one of my favorite times of the week.
11.  I cherish girly time with my mom, whether it's getting our nails done, shopping or visiting the pub.
12.  I'm not the biggest fan of walking outside in the dark.
13.  The most recent craving has been for mozzarella, basil and tomatoes covered in a balsamic glaze.
14.  Spending hours in a coffee house is the next best thing to being on the beach for hours.
15.  If a bunch of money were to land in my lap, I would go to Europe tomorrow!
16.  I'm addicted to having a fan on at night, whoops!
17.  Comfy pants are the 1st best thing past 7pm.
18.  I love being in the car and going for long car rides accompanied by music.
19.  Weekend getaways are so therapeutic.
20.  I've gone out to dinner with my mom in my pajamas and taken road trips in my slippers, it's okay to do these things, I think!


  1. Gold sandals absolutely, the beach is the best! I am totally with you on the girly time with Mom it's the best! #12 cracks me up because it is soo true haha! I love # 18 too obviously=)

  2. I am never opposed to 9pm bedtimes, I also sleep with a fan and sweat pants are the first thing I put on when I get home from work! :)

  3. We really are destined to be best friends. ;)

    I hate the laundry but I fold it cause the hubs can't fold well. And he does out dishes because I gripe about my nailpolish. Haha.

    I am dying for a European trip. It's been almost 3 years since my last one and it is harrrddd. Being poor sucks. ;) I am thinking Paris. I haven't been since I was a teenager and I HATED it. I know things have changed a lot now. Let's win the lotto and go to Paris!

  4. I love to organize too!!! p.s. when you come into the city next, we should do a chicago blogger meet up!


  5. What a fun random list! Love 'em! I agree...weekend getaways are soooo therapeutic! Which reminds me - I should plan one soon :-)!


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