Monday, January 28, 2013


While I've done "Currently" posts in the past,
I love the style of this one that I found through the lovely miss Tina!
I know it's noooo longer Sunday, but I still want to share some recent happenings.  

 Reading  nothing currently. I know, how horrible right?!?! I guess that just means I'll have to pick up a copy of Les Miserables this week.  I mean, after seeing the movie three times, yes three! =)  it's probably time to actually read the book.

 Writing  letters to friends and getting all caught up on "thank-you" notes.  Just picked up another notebook for writing down important plans in life. 

 Listening  to Lady Antebellum's Christmas CD and the Les Miserables soundtrack.

  Thinking  how wonderful it feels to be back in the gym again!  I forgot how good it feels to sweat it out and run to some good tunes.  Even better when your boyfriend is putting you to shame by burning twice the calories running right beside you! =) Love you honey, you are great inspiration and motivation!!! It's already a great New Years decision (that we made together) to go to the gym for the next three months.

 Smelling   lavender oil on my hands. . . ahhh sooo relaxing.

  Wishing   the sun would continue to shine this week and keep the temperature from dropping yet again. :(

 Hoping   just hoping, that I'll have the chance to take a nap at some point this week.  Aren't naps just the best??? I miss the college years when I would take a nap every. single. day!!!

 Wearing  burnt red jeans paired with a comfy blue and cream striped sweatshirt.  Gotta love comfy outfits.  

 Loving   unexpected afternoon visits with Charlie's family.....sipping coffee, hearing about his relatives, sifting through photo albums and listening to more stories.

 Wanting  okay don't judge here..... uh huh, that's right, chocolate mousse cake!!!  If it wasn't sooo much work and I had a better excuse than just "I'm in the mood for a slice of chocolate creamy goodness"

Needing  I mean desperately needing new running songs.  Are you feeling generous?? Any you would care to recommend or share??  I'd be thrilled to find some new ones to take with to the gym!

 Feeling  very very blessed to have found some amazing friends through blogging!!!  Thank you for following along and sharing in the gift of friendship.  

 Clicking  on my new favorite app, "Over".  Check it out!  It offers a plethora of different texts that you can easily place on your pictures.  You can add these pictures right to Instagram from the app. 

Linking up to Lauren's Sunday Currently just a day late =)
From now on I promise to get-with-it and be on time!



  1. I love this idea of a post. I am now follow Lauren :)

    OH geeeez chocolate! I just had a ton of desserts haha. I love me some sweets! And naps...oh boy what I would give to get nap time at work. :)

    Happy Monday!


  2. I love this! Good for you girl for wanting the read Les Miserable's I always have a hard time reading a book after I have watched the movie! Mmm I can always go for the Mousse cake! I am so proud of you for getting back to the gym! Way to go girl. Sorry I have been wanting new running music too, the other day I listened to Puccini's Turendot believe it or not!! It was actually pretty motivating!

  3. Loved this post! Glad you're going to to be linking up on Sundays! Your outfit sounds so cute--I can picture it in my mind and it's adorable.


  4. Welcome to the Sunday Currently! I love this link-up. :) I'm also in love with Les Mis. Seeing the movie has made me obsessed with the Broadway soundtrack all over again, and I keep playing clips on YouTube of the 10th anniversary performance in London. The music is so good!

  5. YAY :) so glad to have you linking up for the first time with the sunday currently!

    i still haven't seen les mis yet [or read the book]. i need to get on that, though, because i have a feeling i'd love it.

    it really does feel fabulous to get back in the gym after a break. i always feel so much better when i'm working out consistently.

    i hope you have a great week :)

  6. READ Les Mis! I'm loving it! It's gonna take a lifetime, though!

    And running shoes... I always wait until it's unbearable to run even a mile before I spend the money to replace them. But, funny, because I can drop $ on other things I DON'T need so much faster. I am such a hypocrite.

    So glad to see you are doing Sunday Currently. It's my fave!!!

  7. You will have to post how you like the book! I loved the movie as well!


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