Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Year Brings New Adventures!

I'm happy to say that the New Year started off with a bang!
Charles hosted a lovely New Years Eve party and had a nice size group of us over at his place for the evening.
The night was filled with good food, fun games and plenty of homemade sangria, courtesy of this pretty lady.
I love my J.Crew polka dot button up and purple sequins shirt that Charlie's parents gave me. 

With the New Year in full I mean partial swing, I thought it would be fun to share a few New Years resolutions decisions.  
A New Year should always come with new adventures and this year is already off to a great start!!!
Just to list a few....

1.  Take a trip back to the sledding hill from my childhood and bring family and friends along.

2.  Hit up the gym crazy bright and early every Sunday morning for an hour with my sweetheart.  This is our mutual decision for the next three months.  Sundays are the best together already, so why not make them even better?  

3.  Go skiing at Wilmot Mountain.  Wasted no time checking this one off. What an awesome and fun experience!  

4.  Even though life can be busy, take time to try new recipes!

5.  Take a mom and daughter trip into Chicago City for the day.  I'm definitely taking mom to the Bongo Room for breakfast and then to the Icon theater for a movie.  

6.  Find a cute 2013 calendar pronto!!!!

7.  Work on being prompt in checking things off my daily, weekly, monthly to-do list.  Okay, just working on being prompt in general will be a good thing this year.

8.  Take a long weekend trip with Charles down to Florida to visit the grandparents.

9.  Read new books.

10.  Eat healthier and be more conscious about what groceries I'm buying.  More fruits and vegetables and less junk/snack food.

11. Finally finish watching Lost.  Love this show!

12.  Eat at Girl and the Goat in the City.  It was amazing!  Been trying to go here since last year.

13.  Spend less, save more.

14.  Print pictures from Hawaii and put them in our scrap book.

15.  Take the time to go on walks at the local forest preserves.

16.  Check out at least 3 new places in my own downtown.

17.  Oh yeah and blog more! =)

This is the start of a great year, I just know it!!!
What are some of the adventures you would like to see yourself go on? 
What New Years decisions have you made for yourself?

Feel free to share!



  1. Thanks girl!!!! I love your list and am so glad I was able to help a few of those things happen already:) SO FUN! Such an adorable picture of you two!

  2. lol... I love "print pictures from hawaii", isn't the hardest thing to print out pictures nowadays?! I should add that to my to do list also :)

  3. Yay!!! You're back to blogging...You've been missed =) And you two are so very sweet =)

  4. Happy New Year! Glad to see you are back!

  5. I still need to find a calendar. I usually have one up January 1st but I had bronchitis and so things aren't all together like usual!

    Being prompt. Yes. I used to be good at this. Until my husband. He's sooooo lazy that it rubbed off on me! Oh well. I hope your NY resolutions are going well!


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