Friday, January 18, 2013


Things I'm currently enjoying in life are:

1.  Slower paced trips to the grocery store.  I'm used to rushing and getting the job done, but sometimes it's nice to stop and pick up a cup of coffee to enjoy during the shopping trip, making it a more relaxing experience. Well, as much as grocery shopping can be relaxing that is.  I've also learned that I can't grocery shop and talk on the phone at the same time, can you?  

2.  My UGG slippers, they've been the best investment all winter because they keep my toes all warm and snuggly.  Yes, my boyfriend had to have a pair for Christmas and now he is hooked on them too =)

3.  A beautiful gold bottle of Gucci Guilty perfume.  This was a really sweet Christmas gift from Charles' parents and I'm in love with the scent!  I'm not a fan of owning more than one or two bottles of perfume because I like finishing beauty products before buying new ones and thankfully I save alot of money by not buying more than I can use, usually.  Bobbie Brown lip glosses on the other hand.... =)   

4.  Sanpellegrino Limonata has been the recent go to drink.  It's amazing!  It was an accidental find the other day and a wonderful accident it was.  Charles is a hero for showing up with 18 cans the other night!!!  I'm savoring every can. 

5.  If you haven't jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon yet, then you are missing out!!!  We just finished the Christmas special at the end of Season 3 last night and what an ending it was.  It rocks your world actually.  I am not going to give anything away, just watch it.  I still cannot believe how it ends, oh my goodness!!! I can't wait for Season 4 to come out next year. 

6.  Love my very first pair of colored jeans.  A few Saturdays ago a best friend and I bought matching pairs of gorgeous rust colored jeans from Anthropology!  Best way to describe them is soft like butter.  Can't wait to wear them into the summer with a cream top and gold sandals! There must be a thing going on with jeans right now because my beautiful cousin just mentioned her new pair. =)  Gotta love a new pair of jeans, cause it's a big deal!!! 

7.  Naps that last an hour long.  I wouldn't mind one every. single. day. but then again, I like being productive too, not that naps aren't also productive.  

8.  Having friends over for dinner followed by an old black and white movie.  A great way to spend an evening. 

9.  Overnight visits with friends traveling back to Colorado.  These kind of visits don't have to be very long to be memorable.  It's always a good thing to re-connect with dear friends.  

10.  Oh yeah and the scrumptious pastries above, another reason to be at the gym every Sunday!  What a coincidence, I'm off to Ambrosia in an hour to meet up with a girlfriend....hmmm what pastries this time??? =)
Have a sweet sweet Friday!

P.S. Two major recaps of life as of recent, coming soon.


  1. I only enjoy grocery shopping when i'm at I LOVE colored jeans! I only have 2 though: rust and mint. I think I could use another color soon :)

  2. Mmm I love sanpellegrino! You should try the grapefruit it's amazing!! I can't wait to ware my pants, we are so good for each other;) Gotta love UGG slippers (SO good for each other:)! I am looking forward to the posts to come! Happy Friday chica!

  3. Yes. Downton season 3. Wild and crazy times. I love that show! And b&w movies. Love. Especially if they include Audrey Hepburn. :)

    I am so glad we were paired for the Valentine's swap! I can already see we have a ton in common! :)


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