Saturday, February 16, 2013

A 26 year old bucket list

( crazy how time flies, this picture is already a few years old!!!  It was taken on a really important day at the end of our college careers)

It would be best to write this list at the time of your birthday,  but seeing as my birthday was months ago, I thought I would still jump on this and follow 
the awesome trend of a dear college friend who writes over at 
Yep, that's us two up on the right in the picture above and yes, I'm just that short! Ha, ha.  
She and I both share a deep love for writing out lists... lists, lists, lists!! 
This is something Becs and another friend came up with.   Read her blog for the complete story!
The rules are as follows:

a. 12 items only.  In theory, complete one a month for that year.
b. you can replace items with equally good (and attainable) goals through the year but they have to be deemed worthy by the other person.
c.  whatever you don't finish in that year carries over to the next year.
d.  dream no small dream.

Especially in light of the above letter "d" here's to a 26 year old bucket list!!!!
Here it goes:

1. look into graphic design schools.
2. learn how to make tiramisu cake.
3. take a trip to California for the very first time, especially San Fran and San Diego.
4. read Les Miserable.
5. paint at least 1-2 rooms with fresh coats of new color.
6. learn at least 2 new recipes per month, keeping track of them by writing them down. 
7. take a trip to the East Coast.
8. reach 100 followers on my little blog by next January 1st. 
9. discover 2 new restaurants downtown Chicago.
10. meet up with a new blogger friend in person for coffee.
11. help transform my down syndrome sister's room into a cozy bedroom/art studio.
12. get engaged =) of course my favorite one!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful bucket LIST =) a great idea, Becca!!!


  1. hehe. get engaged.... I think that is the best one! Does Charles know this? wink wink!

    Your trip to the East Coast should be to me. I'll show you around Annapolis, DC, Baltimore, VA wine country... oh we will have the best of times. We can even take the megabus to NYC for $20. You should make me your east coast hub, kay?

    I need to paint, too! yes. Happy weekend!

  2. LOVE IT and love that picture--such a monumental day!! followed by gin and tonics at the pub for lunch ;) your list is absolutely fabulous! keep us updated!!

  3. Yes!! #12!!! We need more weddings in this family ;)


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