Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sunday Currently, vol. 5

 Reading  nothing currently.  I know, isn't that sad?!?!

 Writing  a letter to my very first roommate in college.  We stayed roommates for the remaining two years of her college experience and are still best of friends, even if distance keeps us apart.  I'm brunette and she is blonde, I'm a morning person and she is not, but we were both 5'2" and almost weighed the same.  Can I say that we were thrilled with this because that meant more clothes for both of us!!!!  That's right, our wardrobes became fair game =)  We even swapped clothes and bags over the summer!  Now she is married and has a beautiful baby. 

 Anticipating  Spring!  Need I say more????

  Thinking  that a stack of clean gym socks is a great way to start the week =)  When I say "stack" that really means 4-5 nice pairs.  With so few pairs they have to match and stay together.  Yes I sometimes even wash them in my lingerie bag because I HATE when I lose my expensive really soft gym socks!!!  Gym socks matter people, it's silly I know =)  

 Rejoicing  over a fun and successful surprise birthday party for Charles!!!

 Smelling   the last little bit of my "Close" scented hand cream from The Soap and Paper Factory.

 Wishing    I could be eating pistachio gelato with extra whip cream on top. =)  It's the best!!!

 Hoping   to learn one new dinner recipe before February is over.  This ties in with a personal bucket list that I'm already filling.  

Listening     to David Grey's song "Good to be Alive" seriously, you should listen to this song!  It's a great little pump it up running song.  It's my new happy song!

 Sipping  a rosabaya cappuccino. =)  Nespresso, you make me happy!

 Loving   the above quote!  I have to remind myself of this all the time when I get too caught up in all the pleasures and pretty things of this world.  We tend to put so much focus and energy on how things look in the world and completely miss the purpose of why we are here.

Wanting   a day trip to the city for exploring new restaurants and visiting a new museum. 

 Needing   one whole day to unplug and leave my phone and computer locked up.  Out of sight, out of mind.

 Feeling    very grateful for the time in Lent when one can take a step back and refocus, striving to build a better prayer life and conquer bad habits.

 Watching    nothing lately and it's been nice.  =)  Oh wait, I take that back.  I just watched Anna Karenina for the first time!                                                 
                                                  Linking up to Lauren's Sunday Currently.


  1. I love the quote above too! My daily reading has been about being detached from the worldly things and attaching ourselves to the love of God, we must be on the same wavelength girl! Big surprise I know=) I am so with you on the gym socks ha ha that is awesome! Pull out your Test Kitchen cookbook for a new dinner recipe!
    Have a lovely Sunday chica!

  2. I love this quote, it's a great reminder. How did you like Anna Karenina? I love the book and haven't seen the movie yet!

  3. Mm, cappuccino and clean socks sound like happy little details! There's something in the air lately that is drawing me into the idea of fresh starts and renewed focus. It sounds like you're feeling a similar way! Happy Sunday. :)

  4. Ohhh Anna Karenina! I loved that book. I need to watch the movie. I need to start washing my socks in the lingerie bag. That is GENIUS! That is such a great quote. I love it! Happy Sunday!

  5. You are not alone in teh reading dept. but you are definitely ahead of me this year. I really need to pick up a book.

  6. i love how you've described lent in your 'feeling' section. i think that it is the perfect time to refocus, & i think it's so refreshing.

    i had similar roommates in college - we all shared our closets. i miss the days of my wardrobe being that size, for sure! :)

    i hope you have a happy week!

  7. I'm 5'11" and thank GOODNESS one of my same-size best friends from high school went to college in the same town as me - for many reasons, of course, but definitely including the shared closet!

  8. still trying to get disqus to work on here! whomp whomp


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