Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Wednesday Challenge ~ One Letter

Here is the challenge I've been waiting to share with all of you!
 This is a new and very exciting kind of challenge that will be taking place here on this little blog each Wednesday!
The story behind the idea:
There are so many reasons why I could say that I love blogging.  It has definitely been a great way to connect with the creative side, a side that so many women enjoy sharing with one another!
I love the stories we write, the pictures we post and connections we make.
Not to mention what an incredible outlet this has been for staying in touch with family and friends.

And it's true, I would sincerely love to meet each of you in person. 
I've already been very blessed to have made connections with "new friends" that have extended beyond
the blogging world and into a more personal friendship and this has been wonderful!

 But I've been wondering, how do I use blogging to challenge myself and those around me??? This is where I've been thinking ..."I really want this blog to grow and go deeper, to help develop my character and become a place where I can be challenged and challenge others as well.  So, why not do this together!?!"

And this is where the Wednesday challenge comes in!!!!  Are you ready?!?!?

There will be a new little challenge that I'll share with you every Wednesday morning.  Feel free to leave a comment about how you are planning on joining in on the challenge, this way it will help you (and ME :) stay committed to our challenge throughout the day!

This Wednesday's challenge is to sit down today *note the key word "today"* and write a letter to one person in your life that you haven't written to in quite a while.
This should be someone you would like to see yourself re-connect with, someone who you know would be thrilled to hear from you, or someone who you know that could simply use a thoughtful note!
It doesn't have to be long, just a kind and thoughtful gesture.
This is our challenge for today!!!

I will be writing a letter to my "grandma Lil".  She isn't my grandma at all, she used to be our family doctor's secretary.  As a child, she use to let me and all my siblings each pull out a whole pack of gum from her pocket every time my family would visit the doctor.  She is the sweetest lady who is now in her 90s and still signs her name "grandma Lil" in every birthday card she sends.  And by every birthday card she sends, I'm talking every single year since we came to know her as a friend.  What an example of love and faithfulness!  =)

So grab a card, take it to work and write someone a note during your lunch break!
You will make someone's day.

By no means do you have to, but feel free to leave a comment below sharing who you will be writing a letter to today!
Good luck with this first challenge. =)


  1. Maggie I love this! And your Wednesday challenges in general. What a lovely idea.

    I think I'll write a note to my own grandma. Whenever I call she tells me how I've made her day, and I know a handwritten note will have the same effect.


  2. Maggie I love this challenge, and challenges in general! I was actually planning on writing a couple letters tonight crazy coincidence! I am going to send a note to a good friend that I don't get to see much but love to keep in tough with! There is nothing like a hand written note!

    What a wonderful story about your Dr secretary and what a sweet thoughtful lady! Wow!


  3. Wow...grandma Lil sounds like quite the sweetheart!!! And I love this challenge...such a good reminder to do the little things that can bring someone a little bit of joy =) who to write too...

  4. Love the challenge! I was wondering about your "surprise" post for Wednesday regular...such a great idea! I think I'll keep the theme going and write to my grandma tonight --been meaning to for awhile :) Thanks, lady!

  5. what a great challenge!! sometimes we think we need to do big things to show someone we care but in reality it is the small things that can make all the difference! thanks for posting this today maggie

  6. Great idea! I think I will plan to write to a close friend who is in her last semester of college in Santa Barbara. She could probably use a little encouragement to keep powering through to the end! :)

  7. Great idea. I am going to send my grandma a letter today. She just had a knee replacement this week and she's in rehab for a few weeks. In her mind she is coming home tomorrow but she's had 5 replacements (3 hips and 2 knees... don't ask) and that bionic woman needs a bit of time to recover. I am writing her letter now! I love this idea. :)

  8. I love this idea! Sad I missed last week, but excited to take part this time!

    - Katie


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