Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Slimming down and getting healthy

Or at least that is what the goal is anyway =)
Truth is, I've been trying pretty hard to get into the groove, but it's not always easy!
Like it's supposed to be easy, right?!? Whomp whomp whomp.
I know a little more weight is inevitable one day, but not now thank you!!!
So back to working out...
Smart water makes recovery a little easier.
A new spin on a yummy breakfast ~ add raspberry jam and granola to your greek yogurt.
And this lady is my favorite!!! Right when you think you can't do another rep, she mixes it up!
I've found her DVDs to be great workouts that give results.  
Boosting up on a new favorite ~  acai berry vitamin C drinks.
I know exercise is a huge metabolism booster, but I also believe in.......portion control.  
Yes that's right, portion control!!!
 I'd rather have smaller portions and the freedom of eating whatever it is I enjoy most! 
Personally, I think diets have a yo-yo effect.  When you diet you lose weight, but the minute you stop a formal diet (which for many diets don't/can't last forever) you gain all or some of that weight right back.
While it's partially true that gaining weight has to do with what you are eating, you can still gain weight eating all healthy foods as well.
And why not enjoy what you eat???
Just eat less of it and I promise, it will help you fit into those skinny jeans, I know!!
Eat one cookie, not four.
Eat one taco, not two.
Eat a quarter of that candy bar, not the whole thing =)
Drink a small coffee, not a large.
The minute I go from a huge dinner plate down to a medium or saucer size plate, I notice a huge difference.  It's not the butter that's making you fat, it's how much butter you are using!

I'm also all about quality over quantity!!! =)
Personally, I'd definitely rather have a tall whole milk latte with whip cream than a Venti skim milk no whip latte!!!  
But that's my opinion =)

What are your thoughts???  
Would you rather go for the tall whole milk latte or the venti skim latte???


  1. tall whole milk most definitely :)

  2. Oh gosh... I wish I had your discipline. I have been telling myself to trim down the past.. I don't know, 10 years? I love this post!

    I absolutely love your blog! Specially the tips are creative. Such unique content that I really enjoyed browsing your blog. I followed you on GFC! Hoping you can come by mine too :) Thank you for this post! I can't wait to read more of your posts. More power to you!

    Your new follower,

  3. First and foremost I love your desktop background! Ha ha we are so normal:) What fun memories! Secondly great post! You know me I absolutely agree. Don't restrict yourself, that just makes you want the things you can't have all that much more! Real butter in moderation isn't going to kill you and whole milk as God intended it to be is much better for you than skim anyway! So heck yes enjoy that tall latte with whip! Okay chica now you are inspiring me, I want to do a know your fats post now:)

  4. Good work! I agree that portion control is important, even with a lot of exercise. All too often, people use the exercise as an excuse to eat more, and then end up taking in more calories than burning. A healthy balance between the two is the most important.
    BTW, A Venti latte is all milk anyway. I say go for a tall triple shot latte-- it's all about the caffeine! :)

  5. I think portion control is the only way to shed pounds. I need to start that back up again. I also do really well substituting a salad for a meal once a day. Works like a charm.


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