Friday, February 22, 2013

life lately according to pictures!

Life lately... 
has been a mix of reminiscing over fond memories sitting here in this adorable cafe in Galway, and the excitement of more recent moments, such as those below.
life lately, always involves a cappuccino, or two!
Some valentines baking.
the loving steps involved in a triple layer chocolate mousse cake.
going all out to celebrate Charles and his 33rd birthday =)
Leftover cake + a cappuccino = a lovely weekday breakfast!
"well hello gym! remind me why I'm here...oh yeah, breakfast, I remember" 
I'm savoring every. single. piece. of chocolate!! Good luck finding where I have these babies hidden =)
Not risking anyone stealing them.
Just wishing I was in Hawaii wearing orange flip-flops!  
I think I have the perfect trip in mind for these comfys.
A surprise birthday party for Charles!!!  His first surprise party, ever.
Squeezing every drop out of a tube of "close" lotion from the Soap and Paper Factory.
Colorful spice jars in the middle of winter are like little rays of sunshine.
More birthday celebrations at the Melting Pot.  Want another strawberry, baby?  Guess we found out (the hard way) that someone is still allergic to strawberries.  So sad.
All the aforementioned pictures, yeah, they put us here, again!
It's not a bad thing though.
A great Sunday workout with my favorite workout partner. 
Dating a Tae Kwon Do instructor makes for the best personal trainer when it comes to stretching.  
One drop of sweat at a time.
We are perfectly normal, I promise!  
Being silly is normal, right?!?
Still enjoying these next to my bed.
I know it's more of a color you would wear somewhere tropical, but one can always imagine....
Let's talk Potbellys. 
 It's probably one of my all time favorite "fast food" places.
You can probably find me here almost every year on my birthday and I'm not embarrassed to admit that.  
While I could be riding a bicycle right now, I decided to wear them instead =)
Have a Fantastic Friday!!!
Do you have any fun plans for the weekend???
Feel free to share below.

I'm looking forward to the Sunday Currently.
I'll "see" some of you ladies then =)



  1. Ah sweet! A nice way to start my day :) Lovely photos.

    PS - Cappuccinos are my drink of choice too!

  2. Love these photos =) It looks as though your mousse cake turned out beautifully!! Happy Friday dear girl =) xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh what a fun post and such cute and colorful and happy pictures! I want a piece of that Mousse cake! It looks like Charlie had a great birthday! I don't have huge plans for the weekend, I am going to make it Cross country skiing for the first time now that we have snow I'm freaking excited! and watching Little Women and the Oscars!

  4. your life lately looks amazing. I need that cappuccino and want those adorable spice jars :) have a good weekend.

  5. Those spice jars are adorable! Is Charlie really allergic to strawberries? Ohhh noo.

    My V-Day flowers are alive and kicking, too! It's so nice. I hate to see flowers on the out. :(


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