Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Sunday Currently vol. 2

 Reading  a William Sonoma magazine, because in my books that counts as reading too! =) 

 Writing  in my new calendar.  Finally getting around to filling in the details of life.  

 Anticipating  a trip into the city this evening.  A few of us are heading to a friends place for a superbowl party ~ should be a blast!!!

  Thinking  how great it was to finally make it over to Whole Foods and pick up some fish oil and multi vitamins.... but now I'm thinking and remembering how hard it is to swallow these horse pills.  *remember why you are taking these things and how good they are for you, Maggie!!!*  Trying so hard, really I am!

 Rejoicing  over the fact that last month my little blog reached over 1005 page views in one month! Considering it was a slow month with not many posts... I was happy.  Maybe it's just baby steps, but it's pretty exciting news over here =)

 Smelling   a Bougainvillea scented candle from my mom back at Easter time.  Trying to make this candle last for forever!

  Wishing    I could be back in Hawaii laying poolside with POG juice in hand and Charles next to me.   Ahhh we will definitely go back someday!

 Hoping   to crack out the Pilates DVD this week.  I haven't used it since college. My mom and I used to be so good at doing it every single day, what happened to that???  Fell off the deep end on that one =(  Oops!

 Planning  a regular blog post for Wednesdays.  This will be challenging, but that's the point!  Come back Wednesday and see what this little secret is all about, that's my challenge for you! =)     

 Sipping  a hazelnut cappuccino =)

 Loving   all the beautiful goodies in my Valentines Day box from Tina over at Like Ordinary Life.  Make sure to check out her lovely blog, it's my new favorite and I love her writing style!  We are seriously like two peas in a pod.  I can't imagine if she and I were to go shopping together what kind of damage we could do.  Okay, yes I can!  Sooo we won't even go there.  

 Wanting  one, just one whole weekend where nothing is planned.  Every weekend in February is already filled with something.  How does life get so busy!?!

 Needing  to catch up on laundry because I love when all my clothes are clean and there is a fresh stack of towels waiting in the bathroom.

 Feeling  very very blessed to be going on a 4 day retreat next month with someone very special.  I love how Charles was the one who came to me asking that we do this together.   Gotta love this man!!! This will be a special bonding experience for us both.

 Watching  or rather I can now finally say DONE watching....drumroll please....yes, DONE watching LOST!!!  Hip, hip hooray, so happy to have finally finished.  All the way from front to back, I have finished a TV show.  I don't know why I think of this as such an accomplishment because it's rather embarrassing to admit if you think about how many hours I actually spent in front of a TV to do this.  Just think of it as a bucket-list-kinda thing!  I'm not really a TV show sort of person, so this was kind of a big deal ; )

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In case you missed my first one from last week, here's a flashback! *A Lost reference* =)



  1. Your note about vitamins reminded me to take mine this morning! Thanks! Fish oil is no fun to swallow--so big--but so good for us!

    I love hazelnut flavor in anything--yum!

    Your retreat sounds like it will be a beautiful experience. So wonderful that your man was the one to suggest it!

  2. I really like this these post's. Can't wait to see what you have planned for Wed.s.

  3. Lost is my favorite show on the planet. Hands down. We own the box set. I hate the last episode, though. But I guess you're bound to hate it after all of that wildness.

    NOT PENNY'S BOAT. Ohh.... I need to rewatch it.

    Cleaned clothes and a pile of freshly washed towels really is the best. I love that. And if the bed is made with fresh sheets... even better!

    Thanks for the shout out! I fear what would happen if we shopped together, too. Maybe if we lived together we could share and then it wouldn't be as bad. Haha!

    Congrats on the blog hitting a milestone! I love blogger milestones. They are so rewarding in that "I'm proud of myself" way!!!

    Can't wait to see what is in store for Wednesdays!

  4. a) blogging is ALL about little steps and we should celebrate every one!
    b) the WS catalogue/magazine is more than just reading :)

    sounds like it was a great weekend!

  5. magazine reading DEFINITELY counts. i started the day off with reading my copy of february's 'real simple,' & i think that was a spectacular decision, if i do say so myself :)

    i hope you had a lovely time at the super bowl party! justin & i enjoyed the game from our couch, but we also had a great time. there's just something about a football game on the tv + yummy food, that makes me so happy!

    i love the baby steps of blogging. it's important to celebrate your milestones! i get so excited when i meet my goals + make new ones.

    i need to get on my laundry today, too. i really hate the act of doing laundry, but like you, i am so happy when it's all done!

    i hope you have a great week!

    PS - do you have a twitter account? i like to tweet all the sunday currently posts each week, & i'd like to include you if you have one! let me know :)

  6. Well, these are fun little "volumes" to read! Ahh, LOST! I remember watching that with the other Ave enthusiasts. And yes, Pilates. My goal was to crack my DVDs open in January, but we had a major chest cold for a few weeks. Don't really have an excuse now...we should cheer each other on! ;)

  7. Love writing in calendars, it makes me feel so accomplished! Especially when I check things off!
    And yay to watching LOST. Best show ever!!
    xo TJ


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