Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Joys of Wedding Planning

Here is a quick little run through of our wedding prep from over the past few weeks. 
 Unlike how wedding planning is traditionally done, we had a little jump start on our wedding plans even before Charles and I got engaged.  Knowing that we wanted to get married and Fall being our favorite season, we were already at the 7 month crunch time.
Flash forward a few weeks and wow....
Can I just say that October is less than 6 months away folks!!!
Sorry if that just made you hate me as you're thinking, "whoa, slow down girl, summer isn't even here yet,  so just let me enjoy spring a little!!!"
Don't worry, I'm loving spring around here too.
But with where we were at, we knew we needed a little running start on things.
I'd say that having all nine bridesmaids (call me crazy, I call it fun) our Church, reception hall, our photo shoot, save the dates, my dress, a photographer, our wedding website and marriage prep classes scheduled is a pretty good start with many more exciting details to follow!!!
And this guy right here is great at wedding planning and a communication pro!!! 
Not to repeat myself, but time and again he makes my job much easier as he lightens the load on my shoulders by always being willing to help out at every turn. What a guy!
Yes ~ Lattes have played a large role in wedding prep work =)

Getting some great ideas from a few key magazines.
Taking some notes here and there.
Studying and learning from the pros who do this all the time!
Just learning how to take an idea and recreate it, it's much harder than it sounds.
The beginning stages of wedding registries.  Very fun, but also a bit overwhelming.
One fact you might not know about me ~ I can't stand clutter and I would rather have a few nice things that I LOVE rather than a bunch of things that I'll never use.  I still know there are many basic things I'll be very grateful to have...."oh, hello there garlic press, say "hello" to the salad spinner!" Yeah, those kinds of things are very useful I know!!!
Always, always staying organized.  It's the only way my head stays on straight!!!
Keeping everything contained in once place is the best.
Then taking breaks to enjoy an afternoon eating outdoors with family and friends puts balance back in a crazy weekly routine.
Slowing down the mind and soaking up some sunshine with this chica was an extra blessing during the very first days of being engaged to Charles.  
Nothing like girl time for being able to enjoy different types of conversations and aspects of life.
Beautiful reminders of LOVE!!!
A gorgeous bouquet from Charles and also one from his father.  
I see where my man gets his romance from =)
A celebratory engagement dinner with both sets of parents, my brother and a dear friend. 
The ladies at Charlie's work are soooo sweet and fun!!!
I love how happy they are for him and for us.

Working on our wedding website!
Lots and lots of exciting mail. And the crafty person inside of me starts to come out =)
If there were ever a time for really appreciating my love of lists, it's now!!!
That was April's, now moving on to May!
Our save the dates came in a while back, can't wait to start sending these out!
The little bonus that comes with wedding registries =)  Love, love, love pottery barn!
And those are the joys of wedding planning so far!!!
Just last night Charles and I had a wonderful skype session with our wedding photographers.
They are an adorable married couple!!!  She is from Milwaukee and he is from Australia
and we can't wait to meet them in person.
Thank you Jesus for helping us and bringing all of these details so perfectly together!
We couldn't possibly have planned any of this to go as well as it has.

Also, thank you my lovely readers for all your love, support and for putting up with the word "wedding" 
sooo many times =)
We love sharing our joy with all of you!!!



  1. We registered at PB and William-Sonoma, too. My favorite gifts were the kitchenaid mixer from my grandma, all of our stainless steel All-Clad kitchenware, my Le Crueset pieces and our dinnerware from PB (Gabriella). We also got all of the antique silver pieces from PB which I LOVE but I don't love polishing them all of the time. I can't wait to stalk your registries. That's so much fun!

  2. I love that picture of Charlie with the lei's, so cute! Yeah you did have a bit of a head start on things;) he he! Maggie it sounds like everything is coming together! How exciting, I know I am:)!!!! I am so glad! God always takes perfect care doesn't He?! Oh that was such a fun relaxing afternoon in the sun! Oh my gosh I love all the wedding talk I love weddings!!!! Except yeah that's a crazy thought that it's less than 6 months away, and yet we still have all of summer!

  3. Tina, I love the style in your home and how classy and classic you went with everything. I love your neutral Le Crueset pieces that went with everything, bummer they don't still carry that color!! Wish you were here to help me pick out fun pieces for our registry. You've done all this before me, so you know! Thanks for all the above suggestions, they are very helpful =) I'll call this weekend and we can chat. I hope today was successful and productive for you =)

  4. You are just so organized!! I know who I'm hiring when wedding planning comes my way!


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