Friday, May 10, 2013


Happy Friday, Chicas!
Here are some things I've been grateful for lately:

The gorgeous beauty of Spring, especially in fresh blooms like these.

Realizing how other people's thoughtfulness makes me want to be more thoughtful.  It's in the kind gestures, the little notes, going out of ones way to do something nice.  A good life lesson.

For the best time of the day when my man gets out of work and we see each other and simply hug one another. 

I'm grateful for long e-mails back and forth with my grandmother.  She has created so many fond memories in my life and I think we are secretly twins deep down inside.   I love when my mother says to me, "you are just like your grandmother!"  Yes, I take pride in this =)  I love my Grandmother very much!!!

For slow mornings and sleeping in.  Ahhhh I love my sleep, and naps, and going to bed early!

Having the youthfulness and mobility needed to get around and live actively.  I don't look forward to getting old and losing my ability of doing certain things. 

For note cards that come in packages of 50 from Target, these come in handy often!

Of course I'm also grateful for Fridays when Charles doesn't have to go to work until the afternoon.  This gives us extra time to spend together and I'm really grateful for that.

Happy Friday =)

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