Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How I feel about many things

Granted it probably doesn't help that I'm trying to ween myself off of coffee right now and so it's put me in a little bit of a grumpy mood, but this is how I feel about many things:
This picture via a beautiful mess inspires me!
It's orderly, simple, cute & clean = all things I love.

It's a little pet peeve of mine when things aren't put back where they belong.  

When bathrooms are messy, cluttered and things aren't put away every morning.  I prefer when things are behind drawers and cupboards or organized neatly in baskets and closets.  Speaking of bathrooms, I get grossed out when people don't put the new roll of toilet paper on the toilet paper holder.  Really, how hard is it to replace the roll??  Heaven forbid I should ever find it on the floor.  

I love stocking up and buying things in bulk, when I can.  I'm not a fan of buying in small quantities week by week.  I'm more the type to get things over with.  Anything to make life easier in the long run!

Cleaning out my purse on a pretty regular basis is a must.  I love an organized purse.  Helps keep my mind organized on the go.

Checking things off my mile long check list is the best feeling ever!!!!  It bugs me when things sit on that list for too long.

Paperwork, eww that dreaded thing called paperwork.  It's the best when I have an afternoon where I can purge through all the paperwork sitting around.  

Taking a shower without exfoliating is not a complete shower in my book.  I feel naked and incomplete until my makeup is on!  This one is huge, if my hair is done and makeup is on, then the day has a much more put-together feel.  It's the small things, folks! =)  It puts me in a positive mood.

I have an aversion to suntan lotion being on any part of my skin.  It's pure penance having to lather up someone else's back.  For the record, I wear sunscreen maybe once every year, if that.  So. many. chemicals.  

Sinks full of dishes simply overwhelm me and green rubber gloves are my best friend.

I can't stand when projects aren't finished. I get a ridiculous high off of completing all sorts of projects or jobs.  Doing a job 95% of the way drives me crazy because I'm more the type that likes to see things through 110% of the way!!!  It's in the details and yes, they matter, at least to me that is.  While some projects, chores or errands may seem mundane, I like to bite the bullet and get things over with.  As Charles says, just rip the band-aid off and be done!!!  Reason #345 why I love this man.   We both prefer to stock up and buy in bulk.  Let's hope this continues on into when we will be buying diapers and dipewipes and even more laundry detergent. =)

Staying focused is a really difficult thing for me, especially lately with all the wedding planning happening around here.  Thank goodness men tend to be more level headed about these things.

I can't stand when people leave messes behind them, especially when they cook or leave the bathroom in the morning.

Not to sound extreme, but it's true, It drives me through the roof when things are broken and they just sit there.  Either fix it or throw it out, immediately! Never let it sit there, just take care of it.  Laziness isn't something to be admired.

Not having the proper tools to do a job puts me in a tizzy.  I also love being well stocked around the house,  because then I don't run into as many binds, only to run out and buy one item. dumb. 

Really people, how hard it is to wrap the cheese tightly before putting it back in the fridge???
It's not that hard, and cheese is expensive.

Sorry for the little BIG list of pet peeves, but this is me on no coffee for three days and I had to get these thoughts off my chest.
Yes, I feel better now =) 
Plus, I'm sure we can all relate on a thing or two!!!


  1. I definitely relate to at least half of these. It's so true though. I think I should email this to my husband so he see's I'm not the only one. Hope yours days get better :)

  2. Wow, I need to set my life straight! lol. I can definitely relate to some, but not all. I need to start keeping a clean clutter free purse... it gets messy all too fast! As for stocking up on things, I am the same way.. If it's on sale, just buy it all; otherwise, you'll go back buying more at a higher cost!

  3. Ahhahaha I loved this Maggie! Maggie off caffiene becomes even more cholaric=) I think I can relate to just about everything on your list! Except I rarely make myself any lists. I don't know I've just never done it. I love a well stocked home, running out for one or two things is so annoying and a pain! Love that picture=)

  4. Maggie, do NOT feel ashamed to admit all these pet peeves. I share your hate for lack of cleanliness and am just as peeved when a house is messy!!!


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