Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm not a fan of the library

Yep, I come from a big family, eight siblings to be exact!
Some days this can seem like quite a few, other days, not so much.  It just depends which siblings are around at any given time. =)
Boy this picture really makes me want to take a trip to Florida!!!
This picture is from two years ago when I graduated from school and it was a blessing to have most of my family there for the occasion.

As there are 10 of us all together, the house is never lonely or without noise of some sort.
I do think that coming from a large family had a bit of an impact on why I don't like libraries.  I'm just not a fan of libraries in general because I can't stand studying in an eerie, quiet and creepy building filled with books.  How awful, right?!?!  I will admit though that of all the libraries I've been in, my college library was by far my favorite.  Being in Florida, it was open, airy, cheerful and filled with friends.  While I enjoy peace and silence,  I was simply used to working with noise in the back round. So during those college years I  preferred my quiet college dorm room with no distractions, or a coffee house, or the 24 hr. study room, to a quiet library.  I was just telling Charles yesterday that it will be soooo strange to be married and living in a quiet household.  He says, "I guess we'll have to change that right away then" =)

I know I'm leaving many of you judging me right now for not liking libraries, but that's just how it is.
Are you a fan of the library?


  1. I'm not a fan either! I find them kind of intimidating actually, overwhelming; where does one begin. I'd rather stay home anyway!

  2. Super zdjęcie, pozdrawiam !! :))

  3. OK so somehow I missed this post.....! And I completely agree libraries are much much too quiet and formal for studying! I am so used to there being chaos going on around me while I study haha siblings:) I would get distracted if it was too quiet! That may only make sense to someone who was home schooled and from a big family?!

  4. P.S. I absolutely love this picture! And maybe someday we can go to FL on a double family vacation.....hehe I better hurry up, or let's just be real I'll be the third wheal babysitter! hahaha

  5. I take that back I will NEVER be your babysitter. PERIOD! Just the creepy third wheal=)


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