Friday, May 3, 2013

Slowing down and enjoying life!

Life, it can be pretty busy and fast-paced sometimes, which is more like most times around here.

This week in particular I've been trying to slow myself down so that I can make a conscious effort to enjoy and appreciate the simple day to day activities that can so easily get pushed aside or glossed over. 

Some things I've done and would recommend trying:

Make that effort to park the car and (in a relaxed state :) stroll into the coffee house to pick up your coffee instead of whizzing through a drive through while sifting through incoming e-mails.  Human interaction with a barista is much more invigorating and gives your morning a brighter start to the day.

Exercise, make it happen.  I know, I definitely don't have a leg to stand on in regards to this one right now.  I've been out of a routine for so long, it's difficult to get the ball rolling again.  As unmotivated as I was today to lace up those shoes and grab my earphones, even a short jog made me feel better about the day.  Was it easy?  Definitely not!!!  Is it a start?  I think so!!!

This week we have been having some pretty indecisive weather.  One day it's 85 degrees and sunny while the next it's 55 degrees and stormy.  But heck, when you get that 85 degree day, take advantage of it.  Having nowhere to be and lots to do, I dropped everything and laid under the sunshine on a huge trampoline for 40 min.  A gentle breeze and relaxing tunes....I soaked up every minute of it and it felt great!  Carefree timelessness, it's so important.

Make a random trip into a super market and look around for some yummy and healthy snack foods that would pair nicely together.  I came up with salted almonds, raspberries, a fruit and nuts mix, mini bars of hazelnut chocolate, woodchuck cider and the ingredients for gin and tonics.  Excited to return home with bags of goodies, I was even more excited to share them with a friend who was coming over to talk and share her wedding photos with me.  My suggestion, pick a friend, find some good food and have a great time!!!

Then of course the picture above.  Pick up or make some tea, then climb into bed and read a good book or magazine.  I was in the middle of doing this when a dear friend from college called in.  It was super relaxing and definitely fun catching up with her while I was relaxing in bed and sipping on tea =)

Life is too short and passes us by so quickly.  Remember to stop and smell the flowers.
Look up and appreciate the stars.  Say "hello" to those passing you by.
Slow down and enjoy life!

Happy Friday, Chicas!
Enjoy your weekend.
I'm off to a Friday morning date with my fiance =) 



  1. You think the weather can't make up it's mind in IL come and visit MN!! I would so take 55 over 33 and snowing! But anywho you are so right abotut slowing down and enjoying the little moments in life! Having timelessness! I am craving it this week actually! Hopefully this weekend=) Happy Friday to you!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Leibster Award! Check out this link to find out more!
    I would love it if you could follow my blog!


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