Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Sunday Currently, vol. 8

 Rejoicing  in my mother.  I love and appreciation my beautiful mother very much!!!   

 Smelling   the wonderful fragrance of fresh flowers.

 Wishing    that a shopping spree to Nordstrom would fall in my lap, horrible, I know.  But they have all the high quality basics, amazing customer service and really cute things!!! 1st rule of thumb, don't walk through their doors, don't do it!

 Hoping   that Becca from Bec's Little Black Blog forgives me.  I talked her into the Sunday Currently last week and never followed through with mine, epic fail.  I'm happy she has joined the Sunday Currently!!!  

  Listening   to "Here's to never growing up" (clean version) by Avril Lavigne.  This is a great pump it up running song.

 Sipping  pomegranate energizing tea. 

 Loving   Charles!!!  

  Wanting    a few hours for curling up with a blanket, cut of tea and some empty note cards to write some long overdue letters.

 Needing   to spend an afternoon on a blanket outside, under the sun. 

 Feeling   happy about the photo above = a special and much needed morning date with my man.

 Wearing   my grey Nike sweatshirt, Danskin leggings and warm socks!  I'm not always the biggest fan of the change in seasons and putting together outfits.  I can never remember what I have tucked away in the rubbermaids from last year.  Going through the what fits, what doesn't, why did I ever even like that shirt in the first place??? 

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  1. Such a cute post! :)

    Kelly xx

  2. Your "wanting" section sounds so lovely- especially for this cloudy afternoon!

  3. I'm really the same way with Nordstrom. And J.Crew. And Pottery Barn. Ugh. I wish I had a money tree that really grew!!!!

  4. I could go for an afternoon on a blanket in the sun, with a Good book! That sounds amazing! I'd take a shopping spree to Nordstrom too!!! He he nice sweatshirt:)

  5. Yeah, I tried laying out in the sun yesterday with a sweatshirt and socks and it was still too cold =( Tomorrow it's supposed to be 80 degrees!!!!

  6. Seriously, right?!?! Let me know if you find one of those at Home Depot. I need a money tree!!! And William Sonoma. And Clarisonic. And Bobbi Brown. And yeah, it's bad!!!

  7. I ended up getting the blanket and curling up part for a little while, it was heavenly!


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