Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Bump Week 19

Our little babe is growing big and strong!  It's such a wonderful moment feeling the baby moving and kicking on and off all day now.  It's not a strong kick, just still a flutter strong enough to make me stop, stand still and enjoy the moment.  It definitely catches my attention every time!

I'm still craving fruit and lots of it!  Blackberries have been delicious and I can't find boxes big enough.
Another strange night time craving has been for homemade chocolate malts.  This one is all my husbands fault.  I didn't know I would be craving malts until he asked me to pick up the ingredients from the store last week =)  They are soooo soothing and delicious!
Still not a fan of cooking though.  Thank goodness my husband is so easy going.  He even cooked me an amazing lunch yesterday!  He's getting ready to help take over when the little one is born.

I've been lucky this past week with two nights sleep completely uninterrupted.   My little bladder lasted all night for a few nights in a row.....never knew how much I would appreciate this!!!

We just signed up for our Bradley Method classes that start this Sunday!  I'm both excited and yet a little nervous about all the information I'll be absorbing in a 3 hr. session.  This will be such a wonderful thing for both me and the hubs.  I can tell he is really glad he will be taking the classes.  He wants to learn and be ready for the baby's arrival.

We have our one ultrasound all scheduled for May 1st!!!!!!!!!!   
This day can't come fast enough.  It will be the very first time we "meet" our little one and find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  Personally, I'm really excited to know.
I'm really curious about what emotions I will feel when we see our little baby for the first time.
I just told my dear friend Tina (who is also expecting their first) that I wished I could go to sleep for a week and wake up just in time for our ultrasound. =)

And pretty soon I'll be heading off to my sometimes, almost daily, nap!
Still. need. my. sleep. zzzzzzzzzzz

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!   We are half way through :)


  1. So glad for you that you're on your way to being well-prepared with The Bradley Method! You look beautiful!!

  2. Thanks Monica! Yes, we are really happy to have a local Bradley class. It's a great way for us to spend our Sunday evenings together! Isn't the Bradley Method what you teach?


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