Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Little Bambino's First Trip!

Little baby Morrison took his/her very first trip on a plane just over a week ago. 
  It might not have
been our favorite plane ride, but it was worth seeing....
these lovely ladies!!!!
 Just saying "Hey" to my hubby and thanking him for letting us have this time together!
In all honesty, it really gave him some extra time too, to hang out with his buddies :) 
 And only being gone for less than a week, the little babe really grew!
 Lovely walks were had...
 as well as head massages and back-rubs!
And sadly the week came to a quick end as little babe and I boarded the plane home to see daddy!
Each day was a blessing and very relaxing and more wonderful memories were made!!!
Thank you Rachel for having us to visit, even if it wasn't to swim in the pool or sip gin and tonics!!! 
We still had a marvelous time =)

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