Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Nursery Update, Week 18

We are on our 18th week with our little bambino!
Yesterday we received the order from our doctor for our ultrasound.  
May 2nd can't come fast enough!!!
This past week mommy and daddy have been pretty sick with colds and haven't had a ton of energy to get projects done around the house.  Even still, little baby Morrison's nursery is coming together beautifully!  We now have all the pieces of furniture below thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law and my sister's sweet therapist.  The only piece I've had to buy so far is this adorable bookcase for our baby's books, blankets and toys:
So, little story about this cute bookcase:
The only reason adding the matching bookcase was even an option was because Restoration Hardware was having a great little sale (Thanks to my MIL for telling me :).   Plus, since it was my first time ever ordering with them, I thought I might get the extra 10% new member discount.  But, while I tried ordering online it wouldn't add the second discount.  So, I thought it was worth a shot to give the company a call!  I called the 800 number and got a nice gentleman on the phone.   I told him I was a newlywed and we were expecting our first.  I told him how we were gifted so many wonderful items from their store and that I wanted to complete our baby's bedroom with this last item, but we were on a budget and I was wondering if he would give me the second discount?  Well, not only did he give me the second discount, but whatever numbers he plugged in....he ended up giving me a HUGE discount!!!!!  Thank you Mr. nice guy from Restoration Hardware =) 
Below is the dresser that was gifted to us by my sister's therapist.  She is also giving us the changing table topper that you set on top, perfect, one less piece of furniture!!
I'm in love with this lamp that my MIL ordered with....
Baby Morrison's crib mattress!!!!!
Restoration Hardware has a great organic mattress that is half the price of other places.  The idea of organic was important to us because little baby's head will be laying on this mattress for so many hours.  These have been by far, the most exciting boxes to arrive at our house yet!
Now I'm just searching for wall color ideas for in the baby's room....I'm contemplating this light cream:
what do you think???
And if it's a girl, I'm in LOVE with these bed linens!!!
This whole room actually, it soothes my heart and my mind.  So simple, so light and airy, so bright and happy!  And if it's a boy, I would set up the same room, just with a blue bedskirt =)
And of course the crib!  I'm in love with the crib.  Another huge "thank you" to my sister's therapist for giving us this crib:
We would never have been able to have such a lovely set of baby furniture had it not been for so many sweet and generous people.  Now I'm thrilled to have furniture that we love and I know will last for all our babies!!!

The excitement is growing pretty rapidly around here these days and we can't wait to find out if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl!!!
Everything becomes more of a reality each day.  This week little baby is being covered in a layer of cream called vernix caseosa which protects the baby's skin and mommy is starting to feel little flutter kicks from our baby.
Kick away little one, kick away!
I know I might not be saying this in a few weeks, but for right now, the feeling is sure welcomed by mommy =)


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  1. The nursery is lovely!! What a beautiful little space, and I cannot wait to hear the news in May :)


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