Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Thoughts

  1. Drinking a morning cappuccino by candle light while the house is still and quiet is the best way to start the morning, in my opinion at least =)
  2. These two full days off from work are amazeballs!!!  I made the last minute decision to hop the train with my mom and brother later this afternoon just so I can spend time with them.  While our primary reason for the trip is my brother's heart checkup, who knows what other adventures will ensue.  
  3. I'm looking forward to purging, cleaning and spending tomorrow morning with my hubby!  He will be fixing broken faucets----horray!!!---- and I will be organizing :)
  4. I LOVE having friends who are pregnant at the same time as me.  Not to mention, all three of us ladies are due mid September.  I told my husband last night how fun this is and he laughed, "you will all be in labor together too!"  It's extra exciting because right now we are all finding out what we are having!  
  5. Here is to hoping that tomorrow afternoon holds a much needed prenatal massage.  80 min. massages are the BEST!  That extra 30 min. allows me to almost fall asleep.
  6. Tomorrow should be up in the 70s again and warm weather is always welcome around here.  
  7. Maybe I'll catch some time tomorrow for letter writing and more blogging.  It's good to find time for both these things.
What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. Oh that picture makes me want a relaxing early morning with a cappuccino!!!! Like tomorrow! Where is that picture from? Oh have fun in the city! I'm jealous I miss Chicago! I know it is so cool you have friends pregnant at the same time, so you can all share your experiences! HAHA Charlie, yes they will be!! Enjoy your massage chica! I could use one too....not prenatal obviously;)

  2. This picture is from Rome actually! =) It really makes me want to go back there some day!!! But you know how that is...

  3. I was wondering if it maybe was!:) Yes we have to go back together some day, hopefully with some little crazies:)


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