Monday, April 21, 2014

Nest Fluffing

 Here is some of my new favorite inspiration for putting finishing touches on our home:
These photos are via my new favorite instagram account, (alainakaz) from The Every Girl!!!
I just love her colors and how she has actually gotten so many beautiful prints on her walls.  I guess I've just been waiting for prints that really mean something to me before I start throwing them up on the wall.

So before little babe comes, I want to get a lot of "nest fluffing" done!  I've been tackling one little project at a time and now it's time to get some serious projects completed around here.  I want to call these projects "nest fluffing" because I want to get our little nest cozy and homey before the baby comes. As of right now, all our walls are completely bare.  I partially don't mind this because it's clean and easy on the eye, but I want to change this.  We will see how many things I can get checked off of this list before September.  I'm sure not all of it will happen, but these are my major goals, especially with garage sale season coming quickly upon us, I gotta have my list ready!!!! =)

Here is my ultimate LIST of all the major projects I want to get done before the baby comes:

-Spruce up the family room!  I still need to get pictures back up on the walls, find a coffee table or ottoman, find and arrange a few lamps and come up with end tables for the sofa.
- have hubby help fix broken faucets in the bathroom.  I hate broken things!
-finish all the painting projects such as the upstairs hallway and the baby's room.
-reframe and hang up all our pictures.
-Print wedding pictures in large sizes and frame in matching black or white frames.
-garage sale and find a few extra lamps and home decor to cozy things up a bit.
-Buy a shoe rack/bench for in the front hall.
-Find a tall kitchen cabinet for storing pantry like items and all those bigger items such as blenders which are currently lining the top of our cabinets in the kitchen.
-Find a pretty clock and matching cork board for in the kitchen.
-Find a huge classic rug for in the baby's room.
-Buy a king size bed, top priority with a third family member on the way! :)
-Have all the carpet cleaned upstairs before baby arrives.
-Find my hubby a nice bar cart at a garage sale.
-Find a great glider rocking chair so that I can start rocking the baby important!

If I can keep up with two or three things a month off of this list, we will be in good shape!
I love getting big items checked off my "to-do list" and we've been highly successful at it these past two-three months!!!  It's called biting the bullet, picking one major item to tackle and just doing it.

Do you enjoy making "to-do" lists?
What kinds of strategies do you employ to help get major things accomplish around the house?

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  1. We have a nest fluffing list, too, and I really want to get it done before September! A tall kitchen cabinet is a good idea. I hate when the counters are just covered with stuff. It feels so messy to me. And we also need a rug and chair for our nursery.


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