Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Things Baby

HELLO week 20, we are beyond HAPPY you are here!!!!!
 Only one more full day (or exactly 40 hours :) until we find out if we are having a boy or a girl!!!!!!
We cannot wait to find out.  I'm getting terribly antsy to to know.
Once we find out, then I can really get some projects done around the nursery!
My husband is certain that we are having a little girl but if it happens to be a boy, these little pink washcloths will be going back =)  And if it's a boy......
we will be looking for similar blue bed linens to go with this bed:
I just came across this quote this week and want to have it framed and placed on the door outside the nursery.  How beautiful?!?!
 Banana cupcakes from Sprinkles have been fulfilling my pregnancy cravings for sweets, even at breakfast, okay, especially at breakfast!!!!
 There was one random evening last week that was surprisingly uneventful.  I decided to go on a library trip and frozen yogurt date all by my lonesome self and it was great!
 I just ordered this sweet wrap for our little one.  I want to start practicing wrapping myself in it now.  It will most likely be the trickiest little puzzle I've tried building, but so worth it!  I want to carry my baby around everywhere I go.
 This past Sunday was the start of our Bradley Method classes and so far so good taking in a ton of information all at once!  My hubby was a trooper helping pick out a new yoga mat and carrying in my pillow!
 And of course, we can't wait to read to our little one!
We've already picked out and even received (for Easter) some of our favorite childhood books.
Now we can pass them on to our children.
More updates to come very, very soon!!
This baby is already extremely loved and we can't wait to see him or her for the very first time on Thursday!!!!
Wouldn't it just be okay to sleep until then?!?!?

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