Thursday, November 1, 2012

I love when....

via brings you a tray of caramel apples like these.      

....I have 11 blog posts waiting in drafts (either finished or waiting for their final touches).  You simply can't stop those creative juices from flowing, can you?!?

....there is a man in my life who sends me texts that say, "I'm glad you are blogging. Keep going for your dreams and you will reach them. I want your dreams to come true."  He is a daily reader of my blog which I think is kinda cute =)

....awkward moments happen like when I walk through a Starbucks door only to find out I've walked into a closed Starbucks that is definitely under construction.  But wait. What happens next is I'm told "sorry we're closed" to which I respond, "can I just use the bathroom?"and of course the guy tells me "nope, no toilets!!!"  Ha, ha, okay, maybe I don't love when this happens.  

....I have two hours to kill in a running store & for blogging in (another) Starbucks =)

....I hear that some of my best friends from college are getting together to enjoy quality time and reunite with one another.  So maybe I am just a little bit okay maybe really sad that I'm not with them this weekend. But I am seriously happy because they are together and that's what matters!

....opportunities come up where we can vote for people like Meg so that she (and another reader =) can win a pair of really cute boots!!!  Make sure to support her by clicking above to vote and then check out her beautiful blog that I just discovered.

....I make new friends in the blogging world.  You are all so sweet and it's exciting getting to know all of you!!!  You really really make my day =)

Have a great weekend!   
~ Maggie ~


  1. This is sweet! I voted:) the Starbucks story is great haha! I would so do something awkward like that!

  2. those caramel apples are just perfect!! and love that starbucks story you are so cute!


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